Player Housing, Decorations, Trade and Taxes

After hearing about this game and the wonderful features that is going to be introduced to this game such as skill-based crafting, and living in the medieval sandbox world, I’ve purchased the 40 dollar Baron title and backed this game because of how many of these features remind me of Mount & Blade with improved features and Better High Definition Graphics that has many potential things that can be added into the game.

Player Housing
Player Housing should be in this game for many obvious reason, We live in an medieval world where we have many roles, we can become craftsmen, carpenter, soldier, mason, farmer, priest, and other common roles that we play in the medieval world. We citizens of a nation, should be able to buy land and be able to build our homes via crafting resources, or buy a home that is not occupied. Player Housing is great for people to give a reason to spend some time doing something other then fighting other nation’s army and hunting down bandits, such as decorating, buying crafting station and turn our home into a business which npc’s come by and purchase my crafted goods and catching thieves that steal from me.

I strongly recommend that the developers should implement a strong housing system that I just previously talked about or better, many games including mmo’s are allowing us to have free customization, decorations, and vital improvements in player housing, such as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Everquest Next: Landmark, Kenshi, Wildstar, and World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Fable, and more. I really don’t see any strong reason to not add any player housing into the game unless the game itself is linear by default.

Taxes has always been a major role in modern and ancient times for many reason’s, the lords and kings uses war taxes to fund the major campaign against a nation, taxes increases and decreases every now and then depending how things are doing in our nation that we live in. Taxes are used by the lord or king to fund things he needed such as mustering troops, keep them supplied, maintain the army, improve the economy, and many more. Taxes helps when prices rises and lowers for the market, when citizens buy their bread, buy their clothes, merchant comes and buy goods and sell them off somewhere that is in demand, and sometimes certain taxes that are too high for them can cause citizens to panic or riot when it is outrageous and causes the nation to poorly be developed if it’s not used for the right things.

This is great for people who want to be the role of a merchant, buying goods that are cheap in the realm and selling it to other nations that are in demand, it causes the market to not be so static with the same price, and actually helps out the town if it’s put to good use. The Supply and Demand system, the property taxes that I have to pay if I bought land and/or a home that belongs to that nation, and causes positive and negative effects that I could witness the city is booming or busting, and see how the citizens will react by rioting if the taxes are way too high or a max exodus to leave the city and move out to somewhere cheaper.


I think player housing is probably a must. Taxing can get quite extensive. This could be something like tax on potential shops that you can open and own in the city vs. no tax in the countryside/small town.

Sounds pretty good to me!

If there’s housing it would give you also a better motivation to take action in battles: not just to fight for your leader but also to protect you house which might in case of a defeat depredated.

I would like to see housing also for refuge reasons. It would be great if people would like to murder you in your sleep like it real life, but it will be much harder than in the wilderness since when the killer breaks in, it will make noises and alert you, at least more than outside under free sky. At some point you will get more famous so it would be a good idea to upgrade you door and windows or move to a place inside the walls, where there are guads (That doesn’t mean that they can’t be corrupted) but you know hopefully what I mean.

This way it would encourage the player to be careful in the wilderness. All the RPGs I played I never payed for hostels, I just slept outside or in dungeons to heal since it was free but instead it would be uncomfortable and cold. The nights in the wilderness would be more dangerous, so that if you are to far away from your own town you would visit a hostel or a inn to rest.

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Our game is a story driven RPG in Fallout: New Vegas or Witcher 2 style. It is not a management tycoon or simulator of roles in medieval society. You will not take a role of some craftsman and be fully devoted to it 24/7. You will however be able to help other NPCs, who will serve such certain roles, with their jobs.
This topic was answered in update #6

Many people wonder how much of a sandbox our sandbox is going to be. You will be able to solve quests in multiple ways, kill most of NPCs or influence their day/night cycles. We have a complex system of reputation, relationships and law. You can influence local economy to an extent (price of goods).

The player’s character is going to have a place to stay and live, but you will not be able to buy and sell real estate. Nor you can control other characters. Companions/henchmen have their own AI and they are quest-specific. Your character will develop relationships with NPCs.

Updated the KS FAQ.


That is sad, I guess I have to wait till modders do the work then.

Im sorry I guess Im wondering more in detail as to what is meant by your character will have a place to stay? In a world as expansive as what this is starting to appear to be, is there just one house you go to for when night time hits if you choose to sleep at night lol. Or do you have a home in each town and are they predetermined following storyline? Also sorta off topic but mentioned that you will develop relationships with NPCs in relation to helping them out in there tasks etc… Is there some sort of romance possibilities aka wife/girlfriend/…slave lol, You know what I mean. I would assume back then it was more of a case of different mistresses in different towns …

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I’m hoping (and this is only a hope for now) that since sleep is one of those things you HAVE to do regularly, that there will be some kind of portable camping system for if I decide to go hunting in the woods or exploring the map; and that I won’t in fact have to trek all the way back to my predetermined home every night to go to bed.