Release date, again


lol I was going through some of the games i purchased and opted in for as a kick starter a lot of them i forgot others have since not made as much as 2 keystrokes of progress this was among those i was looking forward to the most. though now i’ll admit it is a tiny bit annoying that after 2 years there is still no release date but at least it is suppose to be this year. that alone is more than a lot of the kick starters have provided. though impatient i’m thinking the wait will be well worth it. more so to see the developers keep in touch and update the backers with information on the game. this is how it should be so all i can say is fantastic job at this point and i’m sure i’m not alone when saying i can’t wait for a smaller window for the ETA on the game.


I can at least say that his is not the case. Working on the console version does not eat up all the time. Yes, the game is ready and playable, but not finally optimized and full of bugs which we have to fix till release. Sometimes fixes are causing new bugs, which we then need to fix too. Nobody needs a game which runs badly, crashes and where things not work as they should. It needs time to fix this things. This is a lot of work, but the game gets into shape more and more every day.

We will come up with a release date as soon as we can.


Well, there’s been several months since Pán Vavra has said that “We put it all together and everything broke”. So no progress at optimization and bug-fixing?


As someone who spends his waking hours by finding those bugs and retesting them when they are fixed. I must say that a great deal of progress is behind us.

From “everything broke” we are now at “it’s somehow working” and pretty soon we’ll be at “this looks like a game”

But joking aside. We really did a big piece of work since the 16th update 5 month ago. It’s still nothing we are completely satisfied with but it’s looking good.

fyi, bug fixing is tedious work and it does take a while. We’ve been fixing bugs a year ago, we are fixing bugs right now and we will be fixing bugs till the last day before final deadline.


And there will be more that only show up after the release version is frozen.



Now I want ferrets in the game! :slight_smile:

That confirms it: developing all those bugs in the first place has used up most of the time, and now the designers changed their minds and they all need to be removed again. Amateurs! :stuck_out_tongue:


I sent a message to the KCD fb page a while ago inquiring about the release date. I asked if i had to wait until E3 to hear about the date, they replied to me saying “Wait ;)”. I am not completely sure but i think this means that we should find out the release around the time of E3, if not at the event.


And after deadline. Though, it sounds strange: when you make a game you have an not working one, but when you “put it all together” game is supposed to run well. That’s the goal of development.[quote=“SirWarriant, post:147, topic:31887”]
Pán Vavra

Pán is czech for sir.


What the fuck are you talking about? Do you really think that when you merge dozens of different subsystem, each with many interactions with all the other systems, that it should suddenly all start working? :slight_smile: That would be really naive


Andromeda looked like a game at the release. I did not even download it from the torrent.
I’d rather wait. :о)


I laughed at this way more than I probably should have… :smile:

Well done good sir!


Just a little correction, “pán” is closer to “lord” or “master”, more fiting translation for “sir” is “pan”. I guess Vávra wouldn’t mind either way though. :smile:


pán is mister, both of you are incorrect.


@SirWarriant good job dear pán, ciwe… Now this thread will be full of proclamations what is CORRECT translation of “pán” :grin:



I hadn’t realized that development of the game started in 2007 !

You really should send me one of your 3,650 day calendars. You’re an Aztec, I presume?


Did you just assume his tribe?



I pre-sumed it. I’d never as-sume it. Golly no.