Release date, again


I completely share your sentiments. A release date or even a rough window would be extremely reassuring. However, I would consider it extremely unlikely that we would get such a thing. Warhorse is an independent studio from all I can tell and that is the biggest drawback for supporting such studios. They have no investing publisher to hardline a release date. That being said of course the pros to supporting a studio like warhorse generally far outweigh such cons. As long as it does come out, full stop in 2017 I’ll be happy with my purchase. An early, QA release for pc backers might not be a terrible idea either.


E3 2017 is in June. Warhorse Studios are expected there and together with release announcement. In my opinion, release date is highly possibly in the end of a year. They first suggested release date in March but they expanded game with Act II which could eventually take another 9 months as planned. So you can play many games till the release.


No thank you.

I’m really banking on their E3 trailer/appearance being their release date announcement, it’s the perfect time.


It would be nice.

They certainly have some face to save after last year. Sadly still my most liked post.


CAnt install the game from the downdload installer , so please dont release it yet :slight_smile:


I still say KC:D will most likely release between November this year and February 2018. Until Warhorse says something else, my estimate is probably the best we’re going to get. I mean, all they’re doing is just optimization and porting to consoles, so I can’t be that far off, but we’ll (hopefully) get something at E3


February 2018? Personally I wouldn’t mind if it meant more polish and more content but first, some people would throw a galactic butthurt tantrum and then probably throw themselves out of the window. But more importantly does WH have enough money for another year of development?

Nah, I think they’ll release autumn this year, ideally before RDR2.


Christmas is my bet. The rest of you can fuck right off with your predictions. :smile:

Gibt es nun News zum Release?

Pán Vavra wants Kingdom Come to be as good as possible, even ideal. But best is the enemy of the good. So, I think it’s time for Warhorse to stop being perfectionists and announce the release date.


The problem is not in the development, the problem is in production. Too many swords, coins, dices. The game is already ready. :о)




А кто не хочет денег?

Пан Вавра сказал, что на данном этапе игра жутко забагованная.


Kind of the same thing, for every game. Just change the name of the game. Seems to go like this:

Developer said [insert date here] ! Where is game??

That date has not arrived yet. If they say “August” everyone assumes that means on August 1st, the game ships. But calendars have more than one day in that month…

The game will never be released! Why do they deceive??

If you know the game will not ever be released, you must have some inside info, so you can tell us. Why do you keep info from us, who are your friends in waiting?? Oh, you don’t actually know. You are guessing, based on your level of personal unhappiness.

I know that the [quests, game engine, UI, fighting, AI packages, ferrets, minigames, etc] are the cause of the delay! Why didn’t they release the game months ago??

Because they are trying to give you what they said they would, in the timeframe they told you they would give it to you.

This is a failure! Why do people defend the developer??

Because nobody wants to be accused of failure until the failure has actually happened? People expect to be told they failed after they failed, not when people fear they might.

My [money, time, psychological well being, faith in humanity, etc] are tied up in the game! Don’t they owe me??

Maybe read the agreement between you and the developer again.

If you don’t agree with me you’re just a fanboi! Why can’t you see the truth??

Ahhh, the internet.


It is not about the delay in the production of the game, it is about the lack of information about a possible date.

When do they think the game might come out?

People are not ignorant, and will understand if the date is not reached, but a wrong date is better than none.


Yeah, but in this case Warhorse pushed the release date like three times already, so one can understand their reluctance in giving any specifics again…


But that was before making a video saying that the game was almost ready, and even talking about what would be and what would come out of the original proposal.

Today they have a much better predictability than a year ago …

What I think is that they are really holding the game because of the consoles …


Damned peasants. :unamused: :laughing:



It is not about the delay in the production of the game, it is about the lack of information about a possible date.

When do they think the game might come out?

People are not ignorant, and will understand if the date is not reached, but a wrong date is better than none.

This thread specifically refers to release date several times. Would it be fair to say that delays in production are a cause of release dates being pushed back?

I have read on this forum from the development team, and seen in videos, that the timeframe of “2017” is cited. I see no reason to doubt it. The year is not even half over.

They think (well, have stated) the game might (more accurate to say just about promised to) come out in 2017.

Where does the assumption come from that the development team hopes or feels people are ignorant? You seem to feel that no updates on status or dates that are on a regular basis means some sort of funny business or concealment of truth regarding a release date.

It is an old, old axiom in business that late is better than on time but non-functional, but are you saying that WH’s pushing back dates and telling us about them (not to mention being up front on game features that will not be present and what has been taking up time) is not an example of “late is better than not working”? That seems contradictory to me.


Well in the case of KC:D it would be more fair to say:

Calendars have more than one August in a decade.


I think because English is not my native language I can not express myself correctly.

In fact, I’m totally new to the forum and I heard about the game almost a month ago, but the moment I heard about the game I went and pre-ordered.

I’m already accustomed to alpha, beta or early access games, so I want to make it clear that I fully understand that patience is needed and that the Warhorse team has been doing a lot with little.

I played the beta and I was distressed because I could not enjoy it anymore due to instability and bugs problems, and I’m sincere when I say that the only reason I’m writing here is because I just wanted to get a glimpse of when the game will be Released, something a little more palpable than just 2017.

Do not understand this as a requirement on my part, because I know there are people here waiting years, it’s more for anxiety and curiosity. I’m desperate to play this game

On the game having problems, WH should keep in mind that large companies had several problems with big titles. See the great games of the last times, all had serious problems in the launch, The Witcher, Deus Ex, Battlefield and Battlefront, etc …