Release date, again


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More like: 2013.


Warhorse studio was founded by 2 people in 2011. A year later they have licenced Cry-engine and started some pre-production with a few core employees. In mid 2013 they finished prototype with 25 people. Following year they were unsuccessfully pitching this vertical slice (a fake game) to publishers and eventually had to prepare for kickstarter campaign. The rest is the history…

But in my opinion, the real production have only started after Kickstarter at the beginning of 2014 when they started hiring more people. At that time, they estimated to deliver the first act of the game in 2 years. Today it seems they will use another 2 years to deliver a larger game (1st+2nd acts together).


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Hi! You have to take comments in the context of the conversation,

My reply that you quoted was to a person that tried to use a calendar that covers ten years to illustrate his point about Warhorse Studios pushing back a release date.

So the release date of 2017 minus the ten years in his very special calendar would mean 2007 would be the year they started development of this game, if his example was useful as anything but gross over-statement. Which is ridiculous, as you point out.


So it was an irony.


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What someone perceives as an insult is relative. I don’t know what your education level is… but not everybody finds things insulting. For example… Stupid people annoy me…because they always say stupid things…and can’t seem to grasp what normal rational people seem to be able to comprehend. Most people who are intelligent won’t be offended by that comment…because I am not referring to them…Stupid people usually get offended by everything…because they are stupid…

Once again constructive criticisms…are relative…as stupid people might find it offensive…

I think you are missing the key concept of why asking for a release date is stupid…I’ll try to explain it very clearly.
The developers of this game are in the business of making money. They benefit from the consumers knowing when the game is going to be released. The developers do NOT GAIN ANYTHING FROM KEEPING THE RELEASE DATE A SECRET. So a normal rational thinking human can safely rationalize that the reason the release date is not yet announced is because the developers do not know themselves when the release date is. One can also reasonably understand that when the developers finally do have a release date. We will be notified shortly after.

I personally believe that things like this shouldnt have to be explained because its common sense…but like I said before…stupid people annoy me…because they say stupid things…and cant grasp obvious concepts.

I perceive this comment to be constuctive criticism…im sure stupid people will be offended…because they cant grasp that concept as well…



Hey I was just checking amazon and this is what I have found:

@DrFusselpulli @TobiTobsen is this true?


No, it’s made up date by Amazon. Back then when Amazon put it up the release date was expected to be 2017, so without any further info they apparently just chose the latest date of the year.


So there is still a chance that we will be able to play this before Christmas, hurray! :smiley:



Game is held for debugging and is finished, nothing new put to it. The biggest problem are social connections and human cycles which take too much time while hero is waiting or sleeping. These also cause demanding GPU, more than actual visuals and graphics. They seem to be struggling for few months now. Game is running well without player’s influence. Every NPC actually exists in the world and lives so they do not appear at one place or teleport. Developers admitted they cheat a little with few NPCs being at certain point and they teleport hero to certain area and battle finished even if he runs away. Few NPCs will be invincible for main quest purpose. Release date can be any week now, if they surprisingly made it all work together. Anything new put to game, they only plan after money received from sales and in second sequel.


There won’t be a release any week now, because games this big need some time for marketing campaign in order to create hype and this is not happening yet. Also they need to have it done one month before the actual release so that they can manage to create physical copies and send it to the retail and this is not happening either.


Release date. Not release. I talk about one, you another.


Release date. Not release. =>
Release=release, date/=not =>
Release date. Yes release.


Just an idea. They have maybe hundred developers, 90 on the photo from 2017. Roughly 42 were presented each Friday.
Does it mean this is kind of introduction to the game and creating hype as mentioned? Of course, they do not have to introduce all members. But it might take them a year to introduce all, if done with this pace.
But yeah. The release date is not announced because simply they still have money to survive and broken systems in game to be fixed.
I have watched some few months old videos and it might have changed as for now. First of all, hype is not what they need as much. They had review of demand saying, yes people want this type of game. People clearly know about it. Tobias is constantly presenting it on conferences and interviews together with other developers. They managed to stream the internal beta. Created trailers. Offered early access. They already showed the world this game.
This is their first product and were backed but at the same time they need money to exist, so keeping the game for themselves or for the purpose of making it better than competition and promotion is simple conspiracy.
I will make clear my ideas. I searched the Internet for the sources. There is no release date. They say soon. Do not create toxic behaviour, conspiracies do not prosper, look for facts as I do or simply ignore the hype and you may find the game released sooner or later.


No, this is not true. As @Freix said, this is a placeholder date by Amazon. :slight_smile: