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Inventory Screen Henry is Blurred
Title says it all. I can’t find anything on google about this bug, I don’t know whats wrong it does this despite restarting the game. This problem is only in trader. Any solution ?


Hra se mi po 22 % rozhodla ,že si nepůjde sednout ,tudíž spát. Docela to zamrzí našel jsem tu, že to mají i jiní. jsem ochoten překouknout bugy jako točící se postavi kuň zaseklej ve stromě a pod ale tohle je pro hru fatální protože nejde hrát zajímalo by mě jak to vyřešit a jestli příjdu o sejvi děkuji Vašek …ps Kdy vyjde patch ?


Hi the game cant sit and sleep !Iam on 22% and is fatal for game … please its passible repair this one bug? will i lost my save position ? thanks !


Hy im having a problem with the quest robber baron, i cant finish it no matter the road i take, i go for peace and it wont let me talk to Sir Wolflin, i reload and then i take the option to kill him but i doesnt register the dead, even if i let other soldiers kill him


texture bug


For some reason, my Stealth skill isn’t giving me Perks.

It’s currently 11. I have 2 Perks instead of 4. The last one I got to pick was back at level 5.

Kind of annoying. Don’t suppose there is a console command or something to activate a couple perks?


Vipers Nest bug.
I killed everyone in the bandit camp while I was scouting(there was a video Runt stabbed one of his bandit ) Then i reported to Pan Radzig… and the nest of vipers quest failed


Bugs related to weight and carry capabilities.

Henry can walk (slowly) even when he is carrying 500+ kg (easy when you loot hard from 8+ cuman patrols dead bodies).

So the fix could limit 2x max weight base (for example 240kg for my 120kg stat and show a message (you cannot move, so many kg), and make impossible to player to move or walk.


Platform: PS4 Pro
Currently stuck mid way through ‘in gods hands’ quest and awaiting mejohed cure to kick in.
Can’t talk to any npc or sleep on any bed without being stuck in loading screen.
Loading screen emblem spinning and environmental background noise and music is present.I am also able to access PS4 homescreen.

It may have something to do with the amount of save files I have in this playlist. I’m going to try to delete a few saves.

Deleting previous save files did nothing.

Going to try to delete and re-download.

Reinstalling did not fix


I did a quest which involved a wait 4 days part in it. since that 4 day wait my health and energy are permanently stuck on 100% and my nourishment is stuck on 120% these never go down no matter how long i wait so i’m pretty much invincible at this point.


Currently have the exact same problem myself.


I’m not getting any loot from chests or nests for example the big nest with the horse in it.


I had this problem with Theresa and started a new game because of it :frowning: hope it doesn’t happen again with anyone


I get this problem too not blurred but blacked out in the inventory player horse menus.


Same problem with Rob the rich and the green eyes (fixed green eyes by reloading and doing his dirty deeds)


There seem to be a huge bug in All that Glisters.
After going to the cave alone and killing all the bandits in stealth, i could
persuade the forger to give him self up.

After that is done i could also go back to Ulrich and have him come with me to the caves. But there was no bandits or forgers there then, and Ulrich was just standing in the cave after reaching the end were the forger would be.

Youtube video:


I also get the notifications for the The Cloister quest daily choirs. it keeps notifying me the hours you have to sleep, wake up, eat, and work even if the quest is completed.
That may also have broked the next huge quest because that one is not loading in at all, and is stuck in the loading screen. That would be the Vranik quest, after reporting to Sir Divish and returned with him to Vranik. The part were you tell him what you saw inside is not loading. Waited for 12-14hours and nothing had loaded.


Sure thats a bug? Maybe you are just left with the other main quest?
I have been wondering if you could fail one of those quests even if the are related.

Since you killed everyone and Runt maybe dissapered? Then Sir Radzig was so dissepointed that he did not want more to do with you :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:
And now you are all alone in the quest to find the missing sword, and those who murdered you family and friends in Skalitz. Or you should at least go back to him and see what happens!


Same for me on Xbox 1, can’t continue a quest because I can’t sit down


I Haven a Problem wird the mission the good thief. I am Not able to locckpick on ps4 so i tried to buy the Ring but when the executioner says He ist willing to sell it to me Henry automatically says He ist Not interested without me eventuell being able to pick a Dialog Option.