Report Bugs Here Please!


I’ve got a bug with the lodgings in Talmberg. I first bought one night there, then realized that I could buy ‘a few nights’ hight meant, I assume, a forever home. I even got the popup tooltip telling me I had gained a new home. It worked for 1 night, but then on the following night I could no longer access my chest there and was considered to be trespassing when I went in there. When I speak to the inkeeper I only get the option to ask where my room is, I can’t rent it again, so I’m pretty much stuck – can no longer access any lodgings in Talmberg.


same problem with Bernard((


Sorry to put this here first time I used a forum. I would like to also tell warhorse DO NOT make this easier can you please nerf the warhsmmer I may have spent forty hours grinding on side stuff by the time I got to baptism of fire I took the entire camp out on my own with four potions a warhsmmer I was level fourteen most stats at ten or more and two hit killed every man basically to realise I had to do it all again lol. But that’s my fault would of loved the recognition in game for it and by that could of ramped the difficult opponents out. Lockoicking is easy when you realise how it’s designed pick lock fast and easy not slow and shakey. Most quests I complained was bugged. Was in some extent but only because I personally did things wrong ie first dropping a stack of three dates for the bird quest leaving a quest marker there invisible. Simple fix unstack the cages. The ground you can fall through and you can float to the sky too. Forrest bandit areas mainly nothing a fast travel won’t fix. Getting dirty needs slowing down I spend 2 k to repair and clean to run through a to b of town to look ugly in my Italian expensive armour I fought for . I never used the treasure maps I don’t like hand outs. Can you have a difficulty slider to go harder to spawn more heavily armour people or nerf the warhammer. I played hundred hours over thrree games. Players need to actually read the journal and actually treat it like a real life scenario and compare it to no other game. If a map marker says some one is there that is to be hunted clearly he isn’t going tinge there I’m referring to the easy solvable quest stone mason quest for divish. And remember. That if you can’t find them where the map marker states to remember they live eat breath and sleep go find there houses go sleep yourself go fast travel and speak to everyone including villagers there all updated with new dialogue mostly. Thanks guys genious works. My first playthrough I fell and floated and slider on invisible ice alot by the firsthand story mission but this bug free play through I did all side stuff and was so strong by the sixth mission or so no bugs. No floor falling. Strange . The witch hut is the only bug that shoots you to the sky alchemy bench wise


Hey the fixed that problem just go back to rattay and wait maybe a day for him to come back the see him on mornings that the only time he’s there.


After training with real weapon with captain bernard my shield was gone. Not in my inventory nor horse. Playing at ps4.


The corpses of bucket carrying women have been found in the stream that runs through Talmburg. Each time a body is discovered, the guards run to it shouting “murder”, so I thought it might be a quest, though none of the guards will speak to me about it and I can’t find anyone else that seems to notice that their neighbors are dropping like flies. So far, 5 women have died 3 of whom were named NPC’s (one of them caused me to fail a quest) and I’m currently staking out the area to either catch a murderer or see one of these women drown herself while collecting water.
So, while I was watching the stream, Tom-O-The Baths’ body was found in the middle of the road near the baths. He was also carrying a bucket… Is there any chance it’s a collision bug with the buckets that is killing the NPC’s?


I think i have a pretty major bug i just noticed. Instead of saying “Talk” to most ncps, it says “Pickpocket” even though I’m standing trying to talk.




Random encounters/events have stopped occurring. Happening on pc to many people. Not sure about console.


I can confirm this as well. I haven’t met anybody, hostile or not, on the road for a while now (except random travellers when not fast-travelling, but no particuliar encounter like before). I’m on PC too


Ok, its weird.


Yup that’s the downside of any RPGs I guess… I myself am in a level where there is no more real challenge or at least no sense of danger (thousand of groshens, hundreds of savior schnaps, best weapons and armors I can find, and ennemies are easily defeated). All I have to do now is foolow the main story and doing quests, but the thrill is no more, excepct during big battles. That’s quite lame but for that, I don’t really know what they can do. It is the same for a lot of games. (I did really won over those mercenary encountered without armour and bare hands, so the video is not really lying…)
However, I thought ennemies were supposed to match your level progression??


Overall bug, came from one town to the next, talked to an npc for a bit, after convo ended he moved one step then froze, looked around, all the other npcs were frozen and I couldn’t talk to them or interact with anything. Extremely frustrated because I can’t do anything.


Yeah same. The only way around it was to waste a save - after I reloaded the save it let me out of the house.


Is there any fix for not being able to use a bed yet? It’s not fun spending $100 every time I want to save and paying to use the bathhouse to heal every time I need to heal…


O.k. I’ve reported bug sending email to address you mentioned, but I haven’t got any response. :frowning:


They don’t reply to the email except for a 5 digit ticket number and ask you to add any more bugs glitches or problems to that same email and reply if you find more.


You will recieved a answer by Warhorse Studios (
"Your request (xxxxx) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.
To add additional comments, reply to this email."
In my case it was like this.

Edit: And dont forget, couse of this thread…


I currently got infected with this bug last night. It has infected all of my saves of 60 + hours. Im on PS4 Pro, If I cannot get this resolved with a Patch, I will just get a refund. That simple, But to be honest I would hate to do that because this game ROCKS! Patch?