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Rest assured, you are not alone.

1.3 has affected me in a similar way. It breaks down into two main things: pop-in and frame rate jitters.

The pop-in since I installed 1.3 is nothing short of the worst I have seen in any game in over 30 years of gaming. Yes, it’s that bad. Where I had mild pop-in prior to the patch, I now have literal blobs of textureless walls in places like Rattay and Sasau. They load eventually, but when you ride into a town at a trot or gallop, you might as well forget it. Those textures won’t load in until I’m well past them.

The immersion-breaking result cannot be overstated.

The second issue is that the game plays downright janky since the patch. There is a jarring jitter in camera motion and character animation which, again, completely destroys any immersion factor.

1.4 absolutely must fix these issues. KCD is a fantastic game and I really hope to play a stable version of it someday, but there are too many other things to do then sit in Rattay square waiting for the Rathaus to render.

EDIT: I’m also playing on Xbox One.


This is the first game that I’ve ever played that I cannot continue because the glitches are so frustrating. I noticed since the last update there has been endless texture popping. The graphics have just gotten horrible. There are also no random events anymore.

My biggest problem came in-between the Questions and Answers quest and the All That Glisters quest. I went to speak to Sir Radzig outside of Talmberg to initiate the end of Question and Answers and the beginning of All That Glisters, I spoke to Radzig and he said he needed to talk to me. Nothing happened. I assumed that I needed to reinitiate dialogue with him so I did. I ended up starting the King’s Silver quest. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that my game glitched and my main quest marker was not on the screen. Through research I discovered that there was supposed to be a cutscene in the conversation with Sir Radzig. Having not noticed this I had saved over my games many times and could not go back to a point where I had not started that quest. I decided I needed to restart the game. There went 65+ hours of gameplay.

I started a new game yesterday. I got to the beginning of the mission about the Nuehof raid and after the the initial cutscene my game continued to load while I could hear a guard wanting to check me for stolen goods. Since I was still on a black loading screen I couldn’t surrender or anything, so when I finally did load in I was in a fight with 4 - 6 guards. The game actually saved at the point one was punching me. I’m really starting to hate this game. It seems all the glitches in the game mechanics work against you.


I would like to see the center dot be available in archery. At least allow us the ability to turn it on in the settings. You could even recommend in the option for this that the game experience is better without the dot. I want the dot though.


I’m playing on Xbox One and I too have noticed a frame rate drop. The graphics in general have gotten horrible.


On Xbox one with the most recent patch, (1.3?) And the jumpy frame rate is driving me a bit crazy. I’m not sure if i can tweak this in game settings for a wide screen tv? The glitchy frame rate makes my horse’s fastest run no more than a meager gallop, and it’s a lot harder to control.


And this problem usually happens in populated areas, Talmberg, Rattay, some places in Sasau… I changed my FOV setting up to 75 and that helps a bit.
Also having issue with the Green-eyed Monster quest, I turned down the last quest to steal the tinder box, but the quest remains active, I can’t change my mind and steal the damn thing, and I can’t talk to the farmhand…
I love this game so far and I really want to see more of this world!


My FPS is all screwy and to were I can’t play


1.4 can’t arrive fast enough


As of 1.3.4, horse gets stuck in the ground on a regular basis. He’s hoof-deep in the ground, so any movement is very slow and jumping makes the horse move 4-5 meters up in the air in slow-mo, and it doesn’t always free the horse either. Teleporting the horse usually solves the bug.


First off I’m loving this game and until now any bugs i came across or glitchs didnt bother me. Now I did use a mod to actiavate certain cheats but evene when i got rid of it and restarted the quest Baptism by fire I still get stuck at the part where they attack the church. the horde of soldiers just march up the hill and halt with the bandits not even attacking, I think it may also be because sir radzig is still stuck in the cuman camp.


Does he get stuck every time? I’m asking because every time I did that battle, the other soldiers behaved differently depending on how involved Henry was, etc.


Baptism on Fire quest: On PC Patch 1.4 is installed. After i killed the cumans and the archers and my men ran up to the church. They Stop and don’t Attack the Bandits. When i Shot arrows at the bandits they attack me and my men respond when they come to close. But after all Bandits died there is no cut scene where my men supposed to open the gates to fight Runt. They just standing there but the war sounds and the Symbol under the Compass for war still are on. So i can’t fight Runt. Anybody have this issue ?


The unpassable Main Quest @Question & Answers@ hasn’t been fixed in 1.4. Now it’s just marked as Failed. I can’t report to Radzig, I can’t continue the main storyline. You’ve made it even worse now.


@AL_TARF Sorry to tell you, many people complain about this and the only solution is to start a new game, cause the patch obviously requires one!


Not gonna happen, mate. I’m not kind of person who could just start the bloody new game, I roleplay a lot, and if I just start running around in my new playthrough I better of just deleting the game completely, because it will get me extremely frustrated.

Warhorse, fix this Q&A bullshit. PLEASE!


If you do it or not this is up to you.
I judt told you the only solution at that time.
Maybe they’ll get to fix it soon.

@AL_TARF maybe this is a little glimmer of hope for you and others:


New test build is uploaded to steam, not public yet…


That might be indeed. Let’s see what they will do.


I’ve just been continually sending info of what bugs and glitches I encounter in the game.
Stating what, where, how and whatever else is needed to describe the experience.

When I’ve got reply that they’ve received my email, I receive this; ‘Your request (39109) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.’ So they’ve had nearly 40k of support emails…

A lot of work to be done and still going due to the seriously bad loading times of graphics. But I’m sure they’re trying their hardest.
Otherwise they’re sure to lose more than just the support of fans of of the developer and the game…


I have died in an old savegame and started a new game. Now i have a new character in Skallitz with some old items, e.g. lockpicks from the old savegame

PS: Theresa’s nails (quest items) are missing