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No, it’s not. All of the game are stolen. Even arrows I pull out of the animals are stolen. Don’t write on forums if you don’t know anything about the case. The fact that you are able to deliver stolen game to the scribe doesn’t cover it - it’s gerenal mechanic. You can deliver stolen stuff to everyone in this game, they doesn’t check it like they would’ve, if you try to sell it.


I’m less worried about the game being marked as stolen in the inventory (that is, as long as there is some sort of mechanism that prevents guards confiscating it when they check Henry, which I doubt is implemented, but it would be a nice and easy (i.e. not requiring too much code) workaround when the legal hunting quests are active). The real problem is the gear. Using arrows marked as stolen is a real pain. When you’re picking them up, you need to long-press E to “steal” it again. So if the gear is there for Henry to use, it shouldn’t be marked as stolen. Similarly to the gear in The Prey - if you wait till Capon tells you to help yourself to it, the gear you take from the chest at the camp is not marked as stolen. The game obviously features the mechanism to change the status of chest contents in this way, so it looks to me like the devs simply forgot to use it on the lodge.


as long as there is some sort of mechanism that prevents guards confiscating it when they check Henry, which I doubt is implemented

It’s the main reason I’m considering it’s a bug. Marking the game as stolen for you not being able to sell it (at least raw) makes sense, but ONLY until the guard catches The Master Huntsman with the game man was hunting for his lord and then drags him into jail for poaching. That is a problem.


V úkolu Cesty páně, se nelze posadit na lavici v hospodě k faráři Bohutovi v Úžicích. PC verze patch 1.4.2


Partially copied from the Czech thread as I’m experiencing basically the same set of bugs right now with 1.4.2:

  1. Fast travel - after interrupted by bandits/cumans random event I often am stuck in the middle of some obstacle (wagon, etc.). Can’t move, can’t unmount, can’t defend myself and I am basically sentenced to die (unless the retarded AI is just staring at me without attacking so I need to reload :P)
  2. Loading the saves - I’m put in the beginning of a die game (not in the bed or bath-house where the save was made). I need to cancel the dice game and then I am teleported to the save location.
  3. After trying different outcomes of the same quest or side-quests by replaying them… those got somehow mixed up or something. Like the tasks are getting completed that I am not even trying to do with the current “play line”.
  4. Life in Mrhojed isn’t back to normal even weeks after the pest. was cured. People staying in the same place for entire time complaining about Melichar hiding the bandit (who is in Rattay prison for weeks now). Mathias is still laying in the stable injured. So no trading, no life in the streets (except the guards patrolling normally and Melichar walking around as if nothing happened.) Horses aren’t back neither. I’ve completed this quest even before 1.4.
  5. Halberds. Like WTF, WH? After 10 patches? Come on…
  6. Bianca’s ring. Still missing :frowning:

Yeah, it’s really getting ridiculous by now, WH…


If you’re experience problems with this part, you don’t need to follow Hans. If you wait, he’ll go without you and will be waiting above Nojhof. The quest will be like this: “Ask where Hans Capon went” then "Talk to “Hans Capon”.


XBox One Ver. 1.3
In Sassau at the scribe’s, I sat at the table to read a book I bought. When I got up, I was transported to the alleyway behind the building.
Walked around, bought another book, sat down and read it, and the same thing happened.


There is a bug, i think. When i finish the quest with capon : next to godliness, i can’t talk to capon for the quest : clothes make the man. I just saw his name on the bottom right of the screen, no interaction to talk with him. I get back to try just after next godliness and one day and couple of a day after but nothing. And it’s the same thing for hanush, i can’t talk to him for the quest : waldensians. It are bugs ? i need help please. For information, i use mods and a lot of cheats (just with console command).


Changing the following settings resets my graphics on “High”:

  • Window mode (window, borderless, fullscreen)
  • FPS counter (on/off)
  • Gamma settings
  • Field of view (not sure)


Gamma settings multiplies one on another after launching the game several times. Quickest workaround is to “Change User” in Windows. Otherwise after 3-4 game starts during the same sessions the Desktop and the Game are almost pitch black (dark)


Halberds. Like WTF, WH? After 10 patches? Come on…

My guess is that they are saving it for some future DLC with knight tournaments. This is just pure speculation, I have no information if that’s the case.


I don’t mind them. Actually they’re are a cool weapon.
Just fix them so they are not piling up on the ground around the gates FFS.
It’s really ridiculous this isn’t fixed yet after all those patches.


Who would have thought mediaeval guards would be so squeamish? Eew! It touched the ground. So gross! I gotta go get a new one! :smiley:


Never occured to me, so I didn’t understand you right. I thought you meant that you can’t have Halberd in your inventory.



I face a serious issue with the game. While i ride a horse or just walk I have a small freezes that makes playing not possible. Please see video:!ApOKvAlsaJCgiYpcjEX2rjq0PhQp4g

Please advise with some help.


On the PS4 whenever there is an attack on the road, the bandits start attacking on the loading screen itself! They get in 2-3 clean hits by the time the loading screen goes off and you regain control of Henry!


As well as having kick ass stats, Warhorse Jenda can levitate. In case the location escapes you, Rattay upper castle draw bridge-ramp on way to Bernard’s training ground

Theresa all torn up about what to do next


Same. There are now close to 20 halberds laying on the ground at both main entrances to Rattay. As well as any guard that carries them. I think when the game loads in, they get a new halberd and drop the old one or something. Really weird to see though, hopefully it gets fixed.


it’s believed that they drop them when they pull out the torches for the night-time :wink:


Quest - Pestilence!

After Patch 1.4.2 (PC) i was able to enter Straw‘s house and continue with the quest but it‘s still impossible to talk to Mathias. As example!

Don‘t care, but after i finished the quest and healed Merjohed it is still impossible to enter the Hut of the prisoner! If i‘m taking plan B to become his letter, Radzig is not showing up! And when I finally find him, elsewhere, it‘s not possible to talk about the quest with him!

So, it‘s still not possible to finish the quest! :thinking:


That would make sense too, I’ll have to wait and watch sometime lol I’ve given up on the game for now, I’ve completed every side quest that isn’t broken or that doesn’t break the game, and am waiting for the next patch (I’m on PS4) to fix the main quest. Needle In a Haystack broke my saves and broke the texture load-ins, unfortunately.