Report Bugs Here Please!


Stuck in a conversation with Florian. I was trying to talk about Esther and now there is option to end dialogue.


(I’m using ver:1.00183 and for some reason my save playline 1 won’t load)after restarting no lags a few bugs uzhitz couldn’t go into bar but I managed to at the quest after u beat runt arrow to the face of course it just won’t load tried to load earlier saves to no prevail might be a bug of some sorts don’t know just figured I’d report it thx and good gaming


We shouldnt really spend time with users and bugs until they provide some shots where it proves they’re not using mods.


I agree in principle, but in his defence, one of the earlier patches corrupted my first timeline too (started on day 0). I can still play it, but all of my original equipment appears in the inventory twice and some items don’t have a picture and there is a focus border over all the duplicates at once. I remember someone else complaining of patches corrupting older saves, so it is at least possible.


Hi. I’ve lost a home bed in Uzhitz. I had it rented for"several days",and i used it for days,but when I returned several days after, I had it lost. It dissapeared of the map,and of course had not access to the chest neither.
Worst is that ,for the inn owners dialogue,i still “have” it,so i cannot rent it again(only ask"where is my bed")

I’ve reported this too to the email myou gave as well,but i understood i had to do it here too?.
Thank you in advance


I’m on xbone


And don’t know how to send screen shots


And a screen shot wouldn’t help genius


Well, that’s your issue then. These things aren’t easy to fix for the dev team if you can’t learn how to send screenies dudeee


After the 1.5 patch update, the trader in Rattay is no longer generating any wealth.


I don’t know if this is a bug, but on the Xbox one the update patch and hard mode won’t install. I can’t play the game since it needs an update but the update keeps stopping before it really starts.


That’s terrible man. This is simple stuff they should be able to get to work.




I didnt have any problems. But can see loads of ppl having issues with this new patch.


optimization for your set up is 2D space. for all users, 3D space


Sorry mate not sure what you mean by this.


Hi Warhorse Team,

i found a few bugs till last update of KDC on PS4 ( Version 1.6).

1.Its impossible to raise Reputation in Merhorjed Village. If you buy something from a merchant and give more money, no changes in reputation. Did it more than 20 times, no success.
With fast travel events its possible to increase Reputation fort he Merhorjed knights, but ist noth enough to go over the 80+ reputation for the Trophy :/. Saved all Villagers before in Main quest!
Is it possible to fix this issue in the next patches? Last Trophy i need.

  1. The PS4 hangs during fast Travel and if you enter the interface for Items, Map etc… Not always, only sometimes.
  2. Ist impossible to speak with Robard in Talmberg, after finishing Talmberg Siege (end of Mainquest). His half body is bugged in the Ground, only see the Head (see picture).
  3. Bought the Horse called „Binky“ in Merhorjed Stable, the Stable Boy takes Binky back tot he Stable if you place the Horse in the middle of Merhorjed :blush:.

Many Thanks for you Help!


If I am a business a man and run a factory I’m suppose to release a product that is perfect and has passed the quality control, if not the product is not released. Plain and simple.

I’ve been patient so far but it appears to me that bugs in this forum aren’t aknowledged at all by the devs.
You are just fixing bugs that your intern team came across.

I sent a bug report about the wrong torch’s flare during beta and nothing has changed.
I sent a bug report about yellow cape clipping issue months ago and nothing has changed.
I also write in this forum a bug occuring during romance quest with Teresa and the quest mechanism with her and still the game stuck during the gift giving and still it occurs the end dialogue loop with game stuck during loading screen.

A new clipping issue is occuring with inner chain mail cap, that shows up above the chain mail and the armor.

At least all the lying around halberds have gone but that wasn’t that big deal.

I mean 6 months have passed and the game still has bugs.
Honestly I have enough of these games that are released full of bugs with patches ready on the way on their life cycle plan just to get all the money possible right away. Game companies like B***esda should be an example to avoid, not to follow.

I’ll keep posting other bugs that might occurs eventually, but seriously, we shouldn’t be at this point. I waited untill now to play the game because I was hopefull about the incoming patches, but I’ve only found out that those bugs are still there.


Its worth, playing the game.
Nearly all bugs are fixed.



I play this game since 2 years from now. Could you please kindly upload some your in game screen where you’re not having the bugs that I listed please?

I supported and will support this game onward, I’m just disappointed that a community in which this game is based is not so listened by the devs, or this topic wouldn’t be that big, don’t you think?