See helmets in 1st person view (which gives more protection, more vision block)

Yes, my English is very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

To increase the immersion in the game, and take a more practical sense to use one or another helmet, that is not simply that it protects, my proposal is that those helmets somehow limited vision, has its visual replica in the game .
Thus, not only will value the helmets, for a numerical data, but also for its practical implication of using them.

The easiest way to do this is by including a layer or layers, between the world and our interfacing.
Different models for different hats.

In addition, you can make this layer, react to our movements, as well as beatings, like many shooters today have optical view of the weapons that react to player movement.
In this video for example, which is a mod for ArmA2, we see optical sight reacts to our movement, with an effect of skidding, i like the 2:30 minute also reacts to recoil, it would be like if will impact us with a melee weapon.

Also, imagine this, with Oculus Rift really have the feeling that wearing a helmet on his head, what else would help the device itself, to have something really in the head.

It’s easy to implement I think, and it takes us a little more into the game.


I like the idea of that, but I hope it can be turned off!


Its not quite so simple as putting a layer over the view. This is because of the way we “see”. We have two eyes which send data to the brain which interoperates that into what we “see”. In a game only one view is being shown which is the players camera so adding an overlay would not provide a realistic or usable effect. An example of how only having the one view of the camera makes the layer effect unrealistic is your second example. It completely blocks out the enemy and is a noticeable hindrance. With two eyes you would get a full view of the enemy from each eye and it would be seen as such, the helmet would become a slight seemingly transparent blur. At the end of the day an effect like this simply cannot be done effectively on a monitor or any other panel as they can only show one layer(They only display along 2 axis where a third axis would be required)

What you forget, especially at the second picture, is that the human eye doesn’t see it like that. Its true, that inside the helmet it would be dark and the edges would be good visible, but the eye and the brain recovers this vision and concentrates on the important things you’re looking at. Besides that, if you have something between your eyes, like in the second picture, it will never block the middle of your sight. Try it with your finger. The brain fades this out almost completely.
If the sight in medieval helmets were “that terrible” back than, they would have made them different. The vision must have been pretty good, only with small blurry borders of the helmet at the edge of your sight.

Not center in the second image, these are just examples to illustrate the topic.
The problem Wodloo commenting on the two eyes is not such a problem. Just need to do a good image, and that’s it, it’s a flat image.

This is nothing new either, it’s the same technique used in many shooters to represent the sights of the weapons, whether of iron or optical, or NVG :wink:

I like it. I dunno if it can be annoying by the time, but first impression is good. On the other hand, good motivation to put off helmet like in a real life.

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Well I would like it if helmets restricted vision like in war of the roses.

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Yeah, I get the comments regarding what the eye actually sees, but having some sort of vision modifier would be nice. I mean the developers could just put on different styles of helmets and approximate the vision obstructions via layer. I think it’s a great idea.

these are two topics mixed together

  1. if at all: more a gameplay decision
    here I like the point, that you don’t necessarily want to run always with a helmet on because of the sight limitations. Would fit to the 1st person view.
  2. how and to what degree to display these limitations
    here I’m not sure what is best more symbolic or realistic helm views ~ depends a bit on the look and feel ingame.

the slit is too close to the eyes, you wouldn’t have much vision blocked, and due to stereoscopic vision, it would be more transparent than your illustration.

also, that helmet isn’t correct era

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Why should it be the wrong era? The helmet shown in the video is a kind of Hounskull, so it fits perfectly in the time of 1403.

are you pulling me leg? i’m talking about his illustrations

I’d be all for this, it’s just a matter of getting the right effect.

Ah… okay, yeah right, for sure. My bad.
I think its more a kind of example to express what he mean and how different helmets could be seen in first person, but you are correct, his examples are not correct for the era.

The fact is we already have an obscured view from our monitor. Humans have a very high field of view at almost 180 degrees (horizontally). Naturally, a screen can’t take up your entire cone of vision, and a usual field of view for games is around 90 degrees. I would imagine, that putting on a helmet only obscures your peripheral vision.

I would agree, that this concept would be possible, with the Rift. It’s able to simulate stereopsis, and a full field of view. It still can’t account for positional change of eyes, but that only has minor effect on vision.

But I don’t think that obstructing the players view with a flat image taped onto the screen is a good idea. I think this is a point, where you sacrifice fun for simulation. I also think, this would artificially inflate the difficulty, since it is next to impossible to simulate on AI.

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Yes, the helmet are no correct for the era, but the important is the concept, not the historicaly acuration :wink:

Most of the helmets limit more in vertical, than horitzonal view. If your see the real helmets pics, and the image concept, the limitation is in the vertical view. Yes, exist some helmets with more restrictive horitzontal view, but if you have 90 FOV of monitor, and the helmet have 120 FOV, you not need make a helmet block image with all the hole for the eyes, only the part of the monitor FOV. This is not a problem with monitor FOV.

I not speaked about simple flat image, this image may be movement, reaction, as shown in the video ArmA2 or better. According to our movement, our attacks, and blocking enemy or blows, our picture of the helmet reacts.

I search for internet, and i think this is era correct, 1400.

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I’m all for implementing something like this, though it needs to be done like it is in Interstellar Marines with the visor of the helmet placed in front of the camera and not just some lame black decal placed over your screen. That way you can get really proper immersion with the Oculus Rift or other VR devices.

Needless to say you should also be able to raise your visor, and by having it actually be there instead of being a decal, you can see it in the top of your screen, as in IM.


“If the sight in medieval helmets were “that terrible” back than, they would have made them different.” - or they probably thought that giving up on some of the visibility is a fair trade when the alternate is the other guy using your eyeball as a cocktail cherry. :smiley:

I like the idea at first glance - I don’t know yet if it would be irritating, annoying in the long run. To be honest, I did not try too much of these helmets (I mainly fence in modern sport helmets with wire grids), but my experience is that limited field of view can and will screw over my distance perception. That’s usually a ‘slight’ problem in fencing, but at least I have a helmet…!
It also gives a good in-game reason for not running even to the toilet in full goddamned plate. In almost every other game, how can you identify a knight? He wears armor. Every time. Probably even on his wedding night. Gah!


I like the way the vision is blocked by the helmet during a combat situation. I’m sure it will be possible to open/ or put away the helmet when not fighting.

I know that protection is more important than vision in this helmets, but I replied mainly to the pictures in the first post and not to the fact itself.
I agree with 213: