Show us your henry


Thanks guys for keeping this thread on topic and a haven of fun in the middle of this toxic forum :+1::+1::+1::+1:


this is 100% the best topic. after ansal came out , my favorite thing to do now is look for “the shot”


well, radzigs men are also at the vranik battle, but i will tell u right now and say i havent done anything in vranik yet . im not there yet in my current play through. so all those shields came from where i said i got em. the 1st 2 is where i got mine, the 2nd was only recommendations.


i just did the vrank quest. when u go there do get toth and you break down the 2nd gate one of the skalitz soldiers had one. but heads up because when all the enemies die it starts a cut scene making weapons and shields disappear while there corps remain. so when the fight happens either kill the guard yourself and hurry up and loot him, dont help the fight just loot them as they die 1 by 1. also save somewhere b4 you break down the 2nd gate or save b4 u start the fight to clear out vranik. that way u can do it until you get it.


I just got the long skalitz tabbard.
For when we go to war!!
Representing for the home team.
#Skalitz1403 #neverforget


Devious :face_with_monocle::clap:t4::clap:t4:

Do you have pic of the Skalitz bouche shield? Looks like US state of Washington… evidently the cut in was for lances


Recent archeological discovery in Rattay area…


City Henry

Sneaky / Hunting Henry

Full armor Henry


I wish there we get more clothes & armor pieces with new updates. Here is my Henrique.


very nice armor, the one with hounskull! The colors match each other perfectly! :sunny:


Wow the armor is very nice with the golden detail!


WHAT ARMOR DO U HAVE ON UR LEGS please tell me , maybe a screenshot of ur inventory would help. i thought i had all the armor with gold on it, but i never was able to find those legs in any play through lol.


Its Ausgburg Plate. Ithink i got it from one of the knights in the Main Quest battles. Gotta loot quickly in those :smiley:


Out on town!


Henry in his work gear when serving as Radzigs appointed Bandit camp Hygiene inspector


i really like this look.


Thats the “decorated” version of the plate mail right? With the hungarian hauberk.
I like the golden trim. I am collecting a set for myself.


yes it is the Hungarian hauberk, noble gauntlets, Augsburg arms and legs.the helm is the decorated German which gives the gold on the neck.i use noble mail on my head. the cuirass im wearing is from treasure chest 19 near sasau.


Very good thanks for the tip.
This will be for positief nr 3.
Full blown strength based power knight wielding an axe.


Augsberg plate chausses really pop. need to improve my scavenging skills.

meanwhile, wanted more of a color coordinated bad boy look so…

btw, anyone find Magdeberg gauntlets? looking for them if they exist

minor spoiler

fwiw, didn’t kill Bernard’s cousin. talked him into leaving with his band. then, brandished Cuman bow. he fled. his guys didn’t follow. hit him with dollmaker. looted the shield. upon reporting success, got Magdeberg cuirass (worn here)