Show us your henry


have you tried the arching bascinet? fwiw, it’s worth more than hounskull. like the shape/design of the arching bascinet but its finish doesn’t pop like hounskull or decorated German bascinet



Where did you get these gold ornate chausses?
*No spoilers please, I haven’t completed the game. If it’s looted from a quest NPC, don’t tell me! :wink:


Don’t think I found this one yet


Run peasant, run!

Well, this seems dangerous…


Haha a case of Seeing my enemies being driven before me…


Will post some new pics later today after i did my quests in this game called “Reality”


Hundreds and hundreds of hours playing this game and I never noticed the clock above Henry in the inventory page.

Do you know how many times I’ve left the inventory page and clicked the wait button just to see what time it was???

I’m an idiot.


Same. Thanks!


Whaha thats great everyday something new



I got it form one of the later Main Quest battles. One of the knights wore it.


I tried Ansel and the tool is really nice. It´s hard to get a good shot and it´s a bit hard to handle but I guess that´s because I´m working with 3D CAD programms every day and now that there is a similar thing with different conrols it´s a big change and I need some time to adapt. The only thing that bothers me is that the visor is also visible in the fly cam (picture 1 and 2). You get what I mean? Is there a way to fix it besides taking of the helmet before a fight :smiley: Last picture was taken while doing a mercy shock.


Looks good… in spite of the visor view. Mercy shock or emergency amputation?


Had to have it so watched vid showing how to get it from abandoned cabin up the hill (in forest) from Sasau monastery. Funny thing is don’t wear it now; wear the Cuman-Sasau guard-Wolfin hybrid get up (posted above)

I think I'm leaving this forum

how did u do that with ur horse. jw. i have been trying to get that perfect shot with a setting sun on the horizon .


He aiight


Like it. Get the Rattay bouche shield from Sasau armorsmith and the yellow and black outfit will be complete


1st Playthrough, Finished main storyline, decided to kill Miller Simon and steal his clothes. (Cuman Axe)


Just a quick grab. Must have been hunting although I run around barefoot quite a bit.