Show us your henry


I want that shield!


This is my updated universal Henry, although I’m still not sure about the hat. Anyway, I haven’t been able to play since 1.4 - waiting for a hotfix.


One more:


Eastern influence haircut and Hunters beardo best combo :slight_smile:


Well I found that rock monument and I tried to get on it with horsey. But I could not but I could position the horse that he kind of stepped on it with front legs. Then I jumped and the horse did HUGE leap over the rock formation.
So next I just press Alt+F2 right after leaping :slight_smile:


Henri with the French heartbreaker beard and haircut. c’est manifique


thank u ser.


jmhv%2Cjh frel is that the shield u were asking me about a little while back.


That’s the ‘bouche shield’ which is available to buy in the Rattay armourer’s. My pre 1.4.1 Henry had this, it’s the best they’ve got.


i know, frel was asking me about a skalitz bouche shield. i was wondering if thats the one he/she was thinking of


yes, that’s the bouche. not sure if that’s a Skalitz bouche or not as the colors are slightly off. was hoping the color pattern of the Skalitz bouche matched the ornate version of the regular heater shield: red background, white branch/vine, gold leaves
if this is in fact the Skalitz bouche… meh :nauseated_face:


Oh that would be nice. I’d love a Skalitz bouche shield with that red and gold design.


the armorsmith in Sasau town has a great Rattay yellow-black bouche. WH has paid a lot of attention to detail. just a little underwhelming that they didn’t create bouche shields matching the color schemes of the ornate Talmberg, Sasau and Skalitz heater shields.

btw, why does the Sasau armorsmith sell a Rattay bouche but not the Rattay armorsmith? waffenrock is similar


henry from skalitz son of radzig


Nice! Is he wearing both a hood and a joupon? If so, how is that possible? (They are both of the same category. “Body IV”, as it’s called in the inventory sorting mod I’m using.)


No. The yellow is a gambeson you buy from the armorer.


I mean the red and yellow piece, worn over the hauberk.


That’s chest armor. It’s the first item in the inventory list. Aachen dyed brigandine. You can get one in the chest near Skalitz. Possibly other areas.


It’s a brigandine - it goes in the armour slot, not the hood slot.


Thank you, both. Somehow I’ve never seen that type of two-coloured brigandine. It also looks like it’s made of fabric, which helped fool me into thinking it was a joupon.