Show us your henry


Ugh, you really shouldn’t spoil that one.


higher level bandits and guards (esp Sasau) wear it at battle spawn points… different color pattern though


here are screenshots of my gear


the trick is to wear the short noble hauberk cause its sleevless like a t shirt )


so this is my one :smiley:


I think that was not intended. maybe a bug?


This is my Henry, he’s not quite as well decked out as some of the versions on here but he’s got a nice sword.


Your horse looks like a rap star. (I like it :smiley: )



My Henry with his noble steed Sleipnir, Real Scandinavian fullbreed


That’s some fancy photography @lordtyrion!


your dress wear looks very nice , can u list what u have on please


I am especially happy with the red/white miparty hose. I got it from a high level bandit.


THANKS! the 2 shirts go very well together. i like it, u look fancy.


Now that the game is fixed, I’ve been able to continue in the main story. Here’s one for the family album:



got that hound skull swag


For the Churburg Style :smile:


My cuman Henry!


Perhaps wrong but game doesn’t seem to be resolving the different layers as well as before.