Show us your henry


Like the blend of good but not great equipment (plain cuirass instead of Kuttenberg cuirass, etc)


Yes, and I am a bit depressed because of missing parts or badly designed ones.
For example, the Hounskull needs massive improvements with model editor


@rataj My LoL kit (like aesthetics of yours better)… along with kit I wear now

Good grief i wish I could move around in 3rd person to take pics (PS4); this is a mercy kill cutscene w St Michael’s sword


sorry but idk what you want to say with that :smile:


Your pic had a Lords of Leipa theme; I posted my version of the Lords of Leipa uniform or kit. I liked how yours looks better.


ah kk, try Churburg on google and mabye you can find some pcitures where people build it :wink:


Nice. Cuirass is much less bulky as Meta suggested


Your graphics are way better than mine. :slight_smile:


a new one acquired from Vranik


Definitely seems like the clipping of armour isn’t as good as it was at release, maybe I’m wrong.


you’re not wrong… thought about submitting a ticket for the clipping below but far worse afflicts NPCs now. Not only that, now it seems like half the time the facial details don’t fully render in a cutscene until a few secs have passed


Dandy Robin Hood


I got it!!! The exploding heart shield is now popping up on upper tier bandits!

Yay!!! I’ve gotten two now… fairly early in my current play through.


Found it! Mega camp with high level bandits.


All of these I got off attack and hold up and what not

Dark milanese brigade
Magdeburg pauldrons
Arching bascinet
Nobles composite chausse
Long noble hauberk
Mail chausses
Nobles mail coif
Decorated arming doublet
Padded coif
Nuremberg gauntlets
Quartered outer vests


Interesting combination. I usually go with matching paldrons and chausses (eg Magdeburg).

I haven’t spent the time doing all the combos: what’s the best (max) heavy armor kit



If ‘dark milanese brigades’ is replaced with Nuremberg chest piece, it will be the best set I will have had



What legplates do you use? Looks quite good.