Show us your henry


Like the blend of good but not great equipment (plain cuirass instead of Kuttenberg cuirass, etc)


Yes, and I am a bit depressed because of missing parts or badly designed ones.
For example, the Hounskull needs massive improvements with model editor


@rataj My LoL kit (like aesthetics of yours better)… along with kit I wear now

Good grief i wish I could move around in 3rd person to take pics (PS4); this is a mercy kill cutscene w St Michael’s sword


sorry but idk what you want to say with that :smile:


Your pic had a Lords of Leipa theme; I posted my version of the Lords of Leipa uniform or kit. I liked how yours looks better.


ah kk, try Churburg on google and mabye you can find some pcitures where people build it :wink:


Nice. Cuirass is much less bulky as Meta suggested


Your graphics are way better than mine. :slight_smile: