Show us your henry


In this screenshot: nuremberg plate chausses


This is the 2nd playthought, and not spendt to much time on armor yet, guess that’s why Henry looks so sad on the picture…


This is my Henry, I couldn’t find a close bath house after playing for 10 minutes.



Seeing how many people do not know how to make a screenshot is kind of funny!


Screenshot is a bigger hassle to upload via phone.
Technicly taking a pic of your screen is always a screenshot?:joy::+1:


ok…thats true indeed lol


Its just to show my latest get up.
Getting it from ps4 to phone is too much hassle.
Post and play post and play.

Autorun on horseback with lefthand and right hand checking kcd forum am i right???


I am doing fashion above stats these days for extra difficulty.


The rest of the gear you don’t see:

Noble’s dark shoes
Noble’s mail collar
Short noble hauberk
Silver Ring
Tight red hose

He has the Eastern Influence Hair, as well.


are you using mods? how you get that mantle/hood?



Sweet bandit jack we’re u get it I thought they took it out?


Love the mantle I knocked a guard out for that


I just thought of something the devs should allow us to create our own coat of arms personally I’d recreate my family’s


Following order: Everyday, Night Stealth, Full Attack Mode.






NPC in front of inner gate in the attack on Vranik. I can also confirm what others told me: there’s another worn by NPC at bandit camp NW for Sasau and across the river. You can get swarmed at that camp if you’re not careful.