Show us your henry


I went back but couldn’t find Runt, but I only looked in the loft where the battle took place.
Who moved the body?


I definitely like the Cuman armor, but don’t you get attacked by “friendlies” a lot?
I cant imagine riding into any big city dressed as a Cuman and not being immediately attacked by the guards.


Try putting on full Cuman kit (like the one that works in Pribyslavitz), go into sneak mode and sneak around Rattay without a torch around the time people go to bed. The amount of times you’ll hear “Hey, Henry’s come to see us!” is staggering. :smiley:


I figured that might be the case. I just hadn’t tried it because I was scared of the outcome: attacked by multiple guards…Game Over!


Yeah, I think I have almost as many hours invested reading this forum as I do playing the game.
But it’s definitely added to the pleasure of playing the game by keeping abreast of some of the game issues.
It’s eliminated some unwanted surprises and answered some questions.


At home, writing memoirs.


Oriental playstyle. Hunting birds.


Oriental playstyle. On watch.


Oriental playstyle.


Oriental playstyle.


Oriental playstyle. Mounted Archer.


Knight playstyle.


Can u send pic of it on map plz thx


Anyone know we’re to find prodder short sword


my Viking


Nice shield


No nobody donet even say anything about it


Look for camp. Near circle


Ya that’s we’re I picked up the jack it’s so frighn bad man goes great with quilted vest and chain mail


The original was carried by NPC in Vranik, but with 1.5, boss NPCs at battle spawn points carry it