Show us your henry


What about prodder short sword u know we’re u can pick it up at I’m on Xbox so no console commands


Don’t know. Have to think about it


Ok thx man I found it on kings silver other save.i redone quest to no prevail its pretty sweet looking sword got a Viking style hilt I think it’s called hilt


filthy traitor…not gonna lie, I sport the red cuman tunic too though. Its in my horse inventory at the moment but it is pretty dope


No I’m not traitor my story is I. Was at skalitz and watched my leader von behead a kid and impale women so i convenced me and my squad of archers and a few others to go awol confronted by bounty hunters in a cave out side skalitz I convinced them to spare me in exchange I’d help them kill other cumans and teach them our language luckily I knew a few czhek words they agreed but still took me to bailiff of Rattay so I explained my situation and they decided Let me pay off my war crimes cause at the time they needed an infiltrator so it may be a bit gruesome but that’s the story of my cuman archer and yes I love rp :blush:and dungeon and dragon board games and such I’m old school


Just started a new playthrough, so here you go:

Useless Henry

Not as totally useless Henry

I actually like this outfit, I’ve kept it for quite a while now although I could go “hai it’s ze new nobleman henry in Sir Radizg’s retinue all fancy with brocade and stuff” (thank god the level has changed though :sweat_smile: )


I’m shooting for not as totally useless Henry’s legs :wink:

Nice useless look. Has an edginess to it


Got my Bailiff outfit going, gotta set myself apart from the filthy peasants.

Tights and Gambeson you get from the wandering knight
Cuman Bracers
Noble boots (Black)
Spurs, silver I think
Bailiffs mace


my god we’re u assaulted what happened to ur fancy clothes😂



I see the First Aid perk has been activitated as you apply the resuscitation stick.


Here few my outfits for Henry

  1. Henry as Bailiff of Pribyslawitz

  2. Henry as nobleman

  3. Stealth/Hunter Henry

  4. Wanderer (used most of the time)


you got a hood mod or did they update it so you can wear it up? I know hair and beard styles were added. Looks dope, I like the Bailiff outfit


Yes, I’m using hood mod


Thought so, damn


@Rurouni is this mod updated for 1.6?

@HalfOrcSteve In a german livestream to FtA I have asked Tobi, if we will get that feature, he said no, since on controller the buttons are already fully and double occupied :confused: (because of a toggle for up and down)
I would love to have that too.


Push down L3 isn’t occupied (at least on PS4). use it to open/close visors and raise/lower hoods


Thought so, damn


I know, but it’s what he said.
I’m happy I got even an answer, there were not many questions, but I had to ask 4 times.

mabe another option could be to replace one of the many “black hoods” with a “up” model?


Agree, should not really be that difficult to introduce hooded clothing on console.