Show us your henry


It could just be a toggle option in the menu? But I get it, not really a deal breaker


I have to admit, I hate that dark padded coif and rather use my lovely red hat for stealth haha :smile:

sure, nothing a mod couldn’t fix.


Agree with that, I can live without the hooded version of Henry. But I must admit that it looks cool.



No, but there is a way to make it work on 1.6. At least on PC.

Here the link on mod I’m using

Below or somwhere in posts section to this mod you can find an instruction how to.

Go to your Kingdom Come Deliverance main directory then go into "Mods" directory

Create a folder called "HoodsAndScarfsDynamic" without the quotes of course

Look in another Mod and copy the "mod.manifest" file to your new directory

Open this with a text editor (Notepad or Notepad++) and delete the contents of the copied manifest

Copy and paste this in its place:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<name>Hoods And Scarfs Dynamic</name>
<description>This mod simply makes 37 hoods and 7 scarfs to be warn up and down (hoods and scarfs are dynamic)</description>

Save and close.

In this same directory create a Data folder

Copy the zzz_HoodsAndScarfsDynamic.pak into your newly created Data folder and rename to HoodsAndScarfsDynamic.pak



Perhaps, but for me it works so I didn’t think about it


U can use the kick button


Ya L3 to(10 characters)



Do you happen to have a list of those green armor pieces by any chance?
Really like the look :slight_smile:


Henry in my Hardcore Playline
I got sick of overused noble/high class in medieval games, so I switched to a middle class soldier


Bailiff Henry


Traveling Henry

Big Battle Henry


Hardcore Henry and the boys:

(I seriously don’t know what Herman is complaining about - the fact he’s the executioner doesn’t even stop nobility hanging out with him.)




Well, don’t imagine you’d want to be on his bad side necessarily…


Plus Capon isn’t bad himself, just likes to bust balls until you can prove yourself…he’s one of the more interesting characters to me. It was cool because at first I hated him, but after going hunting and partying in the bath house I kinda like the guy, even if he’s a bit snooty


So I worked on “Heavy But Stealthy” armor set.

This is “heavier” variation

Bell Shaped Kettle Hat
Mail Coif (Noise 81)
Padded Black Coif (Noise 0)

Dark Combat Jacket
Dark Milanese Brigantine
Black Brigantine Pauldrons
Dark Saxon Gambeson
Leather Gloves

Padded Chausses (Noise 0)
Tight Blue Hose (Noise 0)
Riveted Decorated chauuses (Vis Conspi 51/63, noise 69)
Quiet dark shoes

Chest has almost full protection, just no chainmail, legs are protected as well, head has three layers, including chains.

Total Visibility/conspiciency/noise is 31/35/4
Used Perk: Stuffing.

“More stealthy” variant.

Bell-shaped kettle hat
Mail Coif (noise 81)
Dark Padded Coif

Black Hood (vis/consp 6/12)
Dark Saxon Gambeson
Dark Milanese Brigantine
Black Brigantine Pauldrons
Leather Gloves

Padded Chausses (noise 0)
Tight Blue Hose
Leather Boots

Black Hood completely covers everything on head and lowers the vis/conspiciency. Plate on legs is removed and free capacity for padding is used up with better coif and leather boots.

Better vis/conspi is still possible when removing chausses and using Tight Red Hose instead, but in that case there will be minimal armor on legs.

If there are Chausses with lower visibility, let me know.
Total visibility/conspiciency/noise is 22/26/0

Also when using quiet dark boots + plate chausses + black hood + black coif results will be: 24/29/1. 2x more armor on feet, while just +2 to visibility.

Possibilities: To use a Green Cotehardie to get +1 on chest armor.


XBox One:
How are you getting third-person view?
On PC I assume?
Would love to be able to do that on console!


XBox One:
I want to be able to see my Henry in third-person!


Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this. On the PC, I use nVidia Ansel to freeze the scene and stage a screenshot. There is also a 3rd person mode mod for those who want to play this way. But on XBox… I’ve never held my hands over one.