Show us your henry


Head to toe for what you can see: (I used to use the decorated Bavarian chainmail top, but tbh all chainmail in this looks rubbish) I prefer this set-up to the Capon ones which I don’t think looked as good as this!
Decorated mail coif
Black-yellow hood
Augsburg plate pauldrons
Decorated cuirass
Brocade pourpoint
Black pourpoint
Kuttenburg gauntlets
Augsburg plate chausses
Mail chausses
Decorated black hose
Golden spurs


Grrr…I’ve been trying to find a pair of those decorated legs everywhere. :angry:

Also, sweet chanfron. :+1:


I think they’re Augsburg chausses? The chest plate I have only seen once, and that was during the fight to defend the trebuchet. Mid fight, I looted the guy with it on, and then immediately it went to the cut scene…so I very nearly didn’t get it!

Edit: yes, Augsburg Plate Chausses


I wouldn’t go into battle with the groin being that open. A major weak spot there.


The only way to cover it is with some hideous chainmail or long padded jacket, that also looks crap. So open groin it is! It’s like the jackets (I forget the proper term) have been modelled to look bad, by being wonky at the waist and lower, with poor textures.


Hardcore playthrough. Just stole my Black Combat Jacket… :slight_smile:

(PS: I accidentally sold my Padded chausses lol.)


High Executioner of Bohemia prepares to administer justice


My Hardcore Henry run
possible spoilers




I’ve finally finished by merciful & virgin run of the game, so I’ve been playing with my loot to see what looks good:

Note to self: I need to steal a nobleman’s blue hose somewhere and I could probably use some more shirts.


So far, Fritz is the only guy I´ve seen with noblemen’s blue hose.

There is a trader in Skalitz (prologue) with fashionable blue hose, but they are hard to loot without getting caught.


I have fashionable blue - not sure where from, but I only looted very few NPCs, so it could have been from higher-level bandits or possibly deceased soldiers from one of the big battles or dead traders during encounters. I was thinking of Fritz and his nobleman’s blue hose, so I might soon ride to Pribyslavitz and confiscate it. :slight_smile:


You have to time it right. After the fight the soldiers/traders will walk back and forth. When
they walk away they don’t look back until they hit the end of their walk.


Henry from the Trailer/Vranik in-game cut-scene.

Also has anyone come across this Combat Jacket yet? I’m not sure it actually exists in the game. It’s the same one from Henry’s dream where he speaks to his father.


The closest I can think of is the quartered combat jacket, but the quartered colours are switched, and it’s also decorated:


Hey! what are you staring at? :horse_racing:


How do people get the 3rd person screen shots?

What console command do i gotta do to enable that ?


I use NVIDIA Ansel. (GTX 1070TI). It’s a part of GF experience. To open overlay in game just press ALT+F2.


Does AMD have software to do this?


Instead of FtA, WH should have published a free third person dlc icon_laughing


No, it´s a Nvida only feature. I hope AMD develops´s one day something similar…