Show us your henry


Its throug the “3rd person mod” on Nexus
On console its impossible since they dont have mods


I tried my best to look good at the Pribyslavitz announcement.


Hans and Tournament DLC!


Revenge for my Henry


The Knight Henry:

Noble’s mail coil
Long noble hauberk
Mail chausses
Magdeburg plate pauldrons
Magdeburg plate chausses
Magdeburg plate gauntlets
Magdeburg cuirass
Decorated white-red hose
Coloured bayr. gambeson
Dark padded coif
duel sword

Knights Waffenrock added: (Hate that I had to kill Ulrich for it)

Oleschnaer Waffenrock added:

Noble Henry:

Henry on horse:


Love those pictures. (BTW, no need to kill Ulrich - he sleeps in the inn every night, so he’s very easy to rob. I also like that waffenrock.)


You can also find it on some Talmberg guards.


Thanks. Well, I didn’t kill him for the Waffenrock, I had to kill him because I chose the wrong dialog option. So atleast I got the Waffenrock. Thanks for the tip, good for my second playthrough. :slight_smile:


This is one of my Henry-Tries :slight_smile:

Though I would prefer him with open hair - just a pic edit :wink:


When you win the Rattay Tournament:

Plus new barding (Mod by MadHoek on Nexus):


Damn I have like 200 Groschen:O


I had more than that in the Intro! Are you morally opposed to looting corpses or poaching? Those are possibly the most profitable activities in the game.

Re Lords of Leipa armour, I only use the gauntlets - going for a more stealthy look.