Show us your henry


In medieval games I always sticked to either polearms or blunt force weapons
edit: 64k groschen

#163 man!!

Keep m coming people. More henrys


I like your Henry but I also like the inventory design. Looks very clean, maybe a liiiiitle bit to clean but very nice :v:


Where did you steal it?


Nice hat for the dandy robin hood type.
Stole it in Sasau.



Henry aka The Real Robber Baron



Henry sprouted a caterpillar on his upper lip


Did you get the shield from Bernard’s cousin, too?


yes i did the robber barren quest. but i currently am using the skalitz shield, gotta represent


Have you found a bouche shield with Skalitz insignia? Have only found the Rattay version (along with generics)


i have every single skalitz shield :slight_smile:


Where’d you get the Skalitz bouche shield?


when ever i start a game, like when ur in the intro in skalitz. i rob every1 every single guard, the balif, and any1 i can find . i get all there gear that way and loot to start off with. another time you can get skalitz shields is during baptism of fire. most if not all radzigs men died and i looted them all, there skalitz soldiers i definitely got skalitz shields from that .

heres a couple spots worth checking.

in there and through this door is an armory, im not sure if theres a skalitz shield in there or rattay ones.

last place id say to check is this tower.i dont think theres 1 in there but its where all radzigs men fron skalitz sleep, so maybe .


No, I haven’t seen this shield anywhere but in Vranik.


I went to search at vranik yesterday. Nothing there only overgrown burned down houses.
I should progress further in the story to find the shield?


Die is cast (main quest)


Okay before the quest nothing is to be foind at vranik?


Thx. Will check.