Show us your henry


In my current playthrough I had the Skalitz Waffenrock and a Talmberg shield most of the time :smiley: This was the best compromise because I am representing my families colours but still showed who my feudal lord is. But now I chose to wear no Waffenrock at all, just a knight in shiny metal and I took the black an white crossed shield from one of the bearman brothers. This way I have no trouble with the skalitz/talmberg coat of arms and I honour my friends that died in the fight against Zul to protect my father.


The bastards playthru was done in combat jupon. In Stephan dice challenge was hoping to get white substituted in the pattern/panels of the jupon (Kuno, the ‘bastards’ colors). Would rather wear one of them in Talmberg/Skalitz/Kuno colors than waffenrock :heart_eyes:

For about 500h wore the black waffenrock even though had multiples of Skalitz/Talmberg waffenrocks/plain heater shields. Like the all black :sunglasses:. Only reason I switched was it gets dirty way too easy :confounded:. Then, wanted to represent. :thinking::grimacing:

A number of times over the past year, new shields have popped up in the game (eg talk to the hand heavy heater). I hope you can convince your compatriots to add Talmberg and Skalitz bouche shields (and/or heavy heater shields) to the inventory of the Pribyslavitz armorer/blacksmith :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Wow, that looks fancy a.f! What’s that red coat you’re using? Actually, mind posting a pic of all the armor pieces you’re using? Also, what are your stats?


Looks like red cotehardie


Name of the Black Hood? Does it work on COnsole?


Just in progress of watching savefile grow in size (has something to do with new CTD bug) doing nothing but poachery and thievery


Can i get that Hair and Beard style on PS4?


Henry and his reprobate pals planning a heist


dark padded coif
decorated arming doublet
red-white miparti hose
noble’s mail coif
long noble hauberk
mail chausses
house of zoul helmet
house of zoul cuirass
zoul arm plate
zoul leg plate
signet ring
gold chain
golden spurs
st. george’s sword
sinew bow
better piercing arrows
warhorse jenda




Dressed up for a hunt… forgot where I put my bow though


Battleready, a mashup of items.

If you want the set:


I love that mod, but I’m still baffled on how the guy manged it.


hunter is my style, learn it from a guild app in *********


i want to be a hunter as it’s realy cool, but i decided to go to archer as it’s more safer


If anyone wants the armor


Here’s my Jindřich:


Still playing with medium/heavy armor parts but now with the tournament leipa replacement mod by brandon17

with decor cuirass it looks more beautiful :blush: :smile:
rex, familia et ultio


Love the Churburg armor style you’re going for.