Show us your henry


The gold trimming and accents are nice. But, I’m a bit sated with the conspicuous consumption look given Henry’s station. Accordingly, i’d be interested in versions that replace the gold with black/blue. Reheating/linseed oil/the other (alleged) methods to darken armor seem more fitting, and to me, ought to provide nearly as nice of a visual pop.




How’d you get the visor up? Mod?


Kind of, yeah. Actualy that’s a zoul helmet model, wich is used only in parley cutscene. It has no shadow and no visor vision though and obtanable only via console command (or by modded merchant lists like this mod provides) Well, it’s the one and only helmet with raised visor in whole game so far.


I wonder if it’s possible to script the helmets being switched when combat start. No combat, visor up. Combat, visor down.


You can simply carry both helmets in your inventory, and switch to the open visor when in town or before starting a dialogue.

This is what I’ve been doing since day one with the old hounskull and common bascinet.


My jack of all trades Henry.


That´s what you get for occupying Talmberg!


I’m waiting for another DLC :smiley:


Henry’s daily workout.


Charming Henry and dressed up for the bandit camp quest…