Show us your henry


I play my 2nd gameplay in more RPG style. So I am upgrading the armour, horses, etc. gradually. So I don´t buy tier 5 horse even if I can. I buy tier 2 if I have tier 1. Also dont grind. I kill a bunny if I see one, but don´t go hunting for money. Well maybe I´ll start. I just finished hunting quest with Hans (after 40hours of gameplay). It´s more enjoyable and money make more sense. (still no problem with them)



Try hard to only eat out of pots where you stay, even excluding “friendly” pots like in Talmberg kitchen and at like Sir Radzig’s camp and such…only eat out of Inns you’ve paid to stay in or carry food; if you don’t already to that. I have the Huntsman’s cottage and rooms at most Inns and try to do this


@Prepper_Jack @Behemoth noticing a ‘dark archer’ theme emerging here. will post my own version later


how much bandit and Cuman hunting do you do? do you resell their loot? reason i ask is that it’s yes to both for me and i have a little more Groschen than that (~500k)


if you didnt know, if you wait on selling the ears until you get to the dude after Robard who hands out missions apparently he pays top coin for each ear and you can horde them and sell them all to him…just turn in the raids and sell loot until then to maximize profits

Have not confirmed/gotten to last dude after Robard but do know you can horde ears when you turn the quest in


I really wasn’t going for a theme, this is just what I have ended up with trying to get the best for every slot. At least the best for an armored play through. And I am not very far in the main quest line yet so maybe there are better armor pieces I have yet to discover, but there is nothing at vendors that is better than what I have, at least that I have found.

This is still my first play through but next time I will definitely go for a theme, like Rogue or Archer or light armor.


Yeah, I know. Although I´m a 90´s guy I grew up with the classic movies from the 50´s. Ivanhoe, Knights Of The Round Table, The Black Shield Of Falworth (my all time favourite). That´s why I´m always going for the full metal armour :smiley: I want to look like these knights back in the days.19373656_fa1_vo


I thought “Show us your henry” is the new “Pull out your wiener” :+1:


Didn’t mean you we going for a theme. Meant various users (we) are picking similar armor and weapons that could be loosely called a dark archer set up


No worries, and yes my archery is deadly even though I never tried to grind it up. But IF I hit you you are usually dead LOL.

Although how I shoot a bow with plate gauntlets has always been a bit of a mystery.


Oh, I get it…full knight playthrough 1st game. I’m just bummed that once you get all decked out there really isn’t anyone who is on your level…stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why I’m hopeful for a tournament (with our without jousting) of some sorts that hopefully you’ll not only be able to participate against other well kitted knights but say you’re not a fighter and you’re a thief or a hunter or whatever other RP you should be able to bet on the fights and watch them. That would be awesome



anyone know… is using a thumb ring with plate gauntlets possible, anachronistic or just not plausible?


also, grab a halberd or some other pole (I hear they’re everywhere these days :wink:) and, unless its an Xbox One exclusive glitch, you can get on your horse with it and even poke…probably good for photo op if you inventory display Henry shows the pole while you’re in your horses inventory

Help bring that image to life


what shirt and vest are u wearing and where did u get it :slight_smile:


Yes, that´s my first playtrough (currently at the night raid mission) and I´m going full knight. Joining every fight I can find and always in the front row swinging my “peacemaker” and slashing those cumans :smiley: But I´m also a honorable man so I´m always honest, never stole something…
I already planned my second playthrough. This will be the complete opposite - the bad guy :open_mouth: Dressed all black, master thief, you never see him during the day, betrays his friends and sneeks up from behind and slits your throat with a dagger.


Looks nice, close to my Henry. :+1:


I used the Bailiffs Mace and Talmber shield with the checkerboard pattern. Rolled around full plate with a long Talmber waffenrock (long tabard) or some knightly tabard if not that one. I like the way the mace sounds when it bashes someone and figure it would work better again the harder, better armored people…I wasn’t wrong. Mace plus Headcracker perk = win lol


Haha yes!!! Thats what she said