Show us your henry


Got the same mace but since the last patch the master strikes are not working, that´s why I´m using the longsword. But I also got the heavy battle axe. Want to try that baby out, too when they fixed the master strikes.


Makes sense. Honestly, I havn’t found anyone in a while…been hunting and went on one bandit raid where I hid in the dark and shot a couple with arrows and killed a few in their sleep. Game is so much fun lol


Dark horse archer: Pribyslavitz slayer (albeit with stress) and harvester of +800 Cuman and bandits; Cuman bow and ceremonial mace


Flamboyant St George - use when I want to scrap


I like these jackets I just hate that after all the layers on the upper body you puff up and look considerably bigger, but even will full layers on your legs they always look normal/slim…like fat torso skinny lets…bothers me lol


Infiltrator (die is cast)


The dark horse archer version does look puffy top, skinny bottom. Would wear mail chausses and/or other stuff besides hose (to look more proportionate) but don’t want to take the hit in noise


Oh I hear ya, not a stab at your choices just how it ends up looking…there are a lot of times I’ll switch up my gear and be like "nah’ and go back to other stuff.

I really like light armor cuz I wanna get better at dodging and do a single sword no shield/speed build, especially if Master strikes are bugged, might as well get better at dodging; dodging is waaaaay easier the lighter armor/more Speed rating you have.


I prefer to horse archer… all day, all night. I usually get way overloaded with loot (hence +500k in coin) so light armor and dodging not of high importance


makes sense. I’m not good enough at archery in this game to do the horse archer thing…plus as OP as Henry gets anyway I’ve heard horse archery, aside from the learning to shoot itself, is the super easy route. On my second run I’m trying to sneak around towns and if I do bandit missions or whatever throw on some light armor…I also like to fight mercenaries but with the bugs I havn’t seen one in a while


Woah, that’s an overkill. I do some bandit and Cuman hunting, I am at the point where you go to Sebastian von Berg for new contracts. I only resell pieces worth 500g and more.


If you saved your ears from Cpt Bernard and Sir Robbard you can cash them in with Sebastian and get that price for every ear… a little late if you already sold though Obviously


I didn’t save them. Anyway, I find my 10k groschen to be more than adequate, I simply don’t need more.


Right. This playthrough I sit around 2k right now, still early in the game and I pretty much only do side quests and hunt but I havn’t done many “loot runs”…I find, even buying food and booze, (unless you love to spend money at shops for whatever reason) my money lasts pretty well…I get around 2k and go buy some clothes or whatever, drop down a bit and get back up and repeat


Arching Bascinet
Dark Padded Coif
Noble’s Mail Coif

Sir Radzig’s Hood
Nurembergian Cuirass
Red Cotehardie
Decorated Arming Doublet
Nobleman’s Gauntlets
Magdeburg Plate Pauldrons

Warhorse Gambeson Chausses
Fashionable Black hose
Noble’s Composite Chausses

Noble Sword
Golden Spurs (when not fighting)

Because I was interested to get maximum speed, i removed Long Noble Chainmail haubek which weights 14, and Brocade Outer Jacket which weight 7 and they got replaced by Radzig’s hood and Red Cotehardie.

On head is 2nd best defense combination. Warhorse helmet is better, but i dont like being a living saint :D.
Arms have best defense combination i found so far.
legs have the lightest combination and 2nd best defense. (best defence would be with Magdeburg Chausses).

Main idea for this combination is best possible defense, with shortsword, while maintaining speed 33 (with perk Well Fit). I just dislike a bit that cotehardie does not fit over the plate chausses.


My stealth Henry…with Cloak and Dagger perk and Forester perks


Any way this can be implemented into game?


my beautiful boy


In woodsman clothing for sneaking around in the forests