Show us your henry


Btw if you are talkative type, and you hate “speaking throught the helmet”, but you want to have “civilian” version of armor.

Warhorse Brigantine
Brigantine Pauldrons
Noble’s Chain Collar
Long Noble Hauberk
Mail Chausses
Nobleman’s boots

Sword only (no shield, arrows or bow), no gloves, you may have some open helmet with you.

This gives 19 charisma (with perks), and even when its not full fledged armour, its still quite decent.


Yes i dont like the closed helmet and people still recognize me part so i always dress for towns before entering. Also stash all my stolen goods in my horse in case i get searched


He takes his tasks very seriously:

A lot more seriously than his superiors, it seems:

But after finding some new gear, I think the blue will have to go. (Charisma 18 after using a trough - 13+5)


Don’t really like armor…
Sometimes i don’t even use a coif. :smiley:

This is my trusted horse.


Slap a red pointed hat on him and that outfit is all the way cool.


For the Lords of Leipa


I’ve been looking for this black jacket the entire game, nowhere to be bought or found.
Eventually had to steal it even though my Henry is not a thief and never stole a groschen (except for this jacket of course).

@warhorse why are all these good looking clothes not available in shops?


Where did you “find” it, if I may ask? It looks great.


minor spoiler possible

There is a mission from Sir Hanush about a vicar and supposed waldensians.

One of the vicar’s guards was wearing it, so I stole it from his chest (easy lock) during the night.
I’m pretty sure that in my previous gameplay he wore a different set of clothes.


I missed that! Shame. That’s something to remember for my next Henry, then. Thanks!


I think their set of clothes is random actually.
As I said, in my previous play I’m 100% sure they dind’t have it.


They’re testing player morals. Call it the Miller Peshek test. What are you willing to do to get something you want?:frowning_man:


That’s legit.


Like when you spend hours working on a strategy to conquer those bandits in Skalitz because it’s the only way of getting that tight red hose without robbing a friendly NPC (who then spends the rest of the game walking naked - yes, we’ve all tried it).


Let’s hope some fantastic modders eventually do Warhorse’s work and create a mod with more clothing available to Henry just by honest trading.


Mods or a DLC to customize armor, clothing, etc or hot stuff as reward for combat arena achievements


I hope they bring out better looking stealth gear, Working Hoods and stealth cloth mask


But remember, there’s only ONE man in the whole kingdom who looks like that (stealthy and yet fancy - Runt!) Shame he isn’t lootable, if you ask me.


Runt is lootable… used horse and jumped over low point in wall on left side (as you face entrance)


He is. He is laying in the church where you killed him.