Show us your henry


OMG!!! * Runs back to Pribislavitz * This game gets better and better.


I went there directly after the battle. I don´t know if he despawns after a while. Also I had to go there two times. The first time tha gate in front of the curch was closed. I looted all the weapons from the bandits, selled them and went there again. Then the gates were open…


Really hope the KCD combat DLC allows us to have unscripted battles: Henry and guards/traders vs bandits and/or Cuman… WH did a great job creating playable forts


Does Runt(dead) have a sword?(1.34)?


Didn’t find a great/unique weapon


Your version of Henry with decorated Bavarian hauberk inspired me to created alt kit that I’m playing with now.


I went back like 2 weeks after I killed him, For some reason he does not disappear


How is the stealth stats?


I looted him in 1.2.5 I think and he had no sword. You could only loot his armour.


I’m not showing any of you pervs my henry. Creeps.


Come on we all did it!!!



I love the WH armour, but it’s so noisy! (One of the reasons why I started a new game: I accidentally sold my WH gambeson.)


Got the maintenance perk that adds padding.


This is the best game ever :sweat_smile:


Here again with Nvidia Ansel :wink: :sunny:
Now the Assassins Creed Origins Photo Mode is beaten :blush: :sunglasses:


My dice collecting Henry


Surprised to see no hooded Henry’s yet.


I made this same topic a month ago and no one replied =( FeelsBadMan

Anyways, how awesome is that straw hat.

Oh yeah for anyone who wants to recreate this look…

My gear is a Quartered combat jacket over a Dyed Milanese brigadine, Loose hose, Silent shoes, and a Straw hat.

For weapons i am using a Rusty blade (i have St. George’s sword on my horse incase things get hairy) and a Cuman bow.


That armor is fugly, Looks like a Christmas Dlc armor