Show us your henry



Finished the game already and have the Achievement for doing all Quests , but still some quests open and have not searched that treasure maps (but found some through exploring), even I have over 20 of them …




i want to use the combat jupon and brocades, however you can’t wear the coif on top.


roleplaying as medieval jaw surgeon


On Stealth set yo posted…

Compare Black Pourpoint with Dark Saxon Gambeson (sold at Rattay armourer), mainly Visibility, Conspiciency and Noise stats. Also try to get Dark Padded Coif from a bandit.

Decorated Black hose are great, best for stealth are Tight Red Hose, and since you have “Stuffing” perk from Maintenacne, you can use Leather Boots instead of Quiet Dark Shoes and have 0 noise (but only if you replace the chest part).

Overall its really good.


how to wear the hood like that?


You need this mod:


Nothing too fancy so far, mostly just stuff that I’ve looted and fixed.


good lord, your character looks terrifying. Wouldn’t like to meet him on a backroad…
The Ansel is cool as hell though, yeah. I take a lot of screenshots and it’s very nice to be able to position the camera properly. Great for action shots.
My Henry going full Don Quixote


Thanks chris xx


Do not worry, my character would join yours :sunny:
Your character reminds me a bit of Robin Hood :wink: Oodelally


imagine having some kind of co-op (2 players), playing like twin-brothers :D:D
one character being a brute with heavy armor and the other one a fast and agile archer. deadly-duo! :smiley:


A co op storyline. Like the Clegane brothers.
One in line with the powers that be and one in the rebellion or something.
But always a love hate relationship


Where did you get that lovely green hat, if I may ask? I don’t think they have it in the shops.


If you can’t buy it, which I think you can just gotta go from town to town (the inventory is slightly different), then you’ll have to steal it or do the Master Huntsman questline and you’ll get an outfit, complete with that hat…for the record, the Rattay Tailor has a way cooler green hat


I got Master Huntsman but no outfit. I sided with Hare and proceeded that way - is that why?


You can steal a similar green cap from Milan, the rattay’s brawler, after you knock him out, of course.


yea, when you’re done you need to report to Sir Divish to get the keys to your cottage and he’ll tell you there are some clothes…tehre are some bugs where some times gear from the chests appears stolen or some times players reported the doors still “locked” but I got mine no problem…Xbox One


It’s either Sir Divish or the Scribe in the castle…either way the scribe will also offer you hunting work for a little bit…kinda crap money but it’s fun and I just sold my extra meat acquired to the locals after I cooked it so I made up for it


Cool. I did the hunting quests, broke into the cottage, but must have missed the outfit. I’ll have another look. Cool, thanks!


it’s upstairs, chest on the right(if you go upstairs from inside vs going in the house from the back)…or so it should be