Still no 3rd person view?

I stopped playing this game because I can not play using 3rd person view. I tried a mod, but it is very unconfortable to play that way. So I was expecting devs to include the option, but I can not see it.

what made you think the devs were going to include 3rd person?


I assume devs want to make a good game for everybody, not just for them.

I guess you’re wrong. Warhorse made a great game for a bunch of people, but not for everybody for sure. If you try making good game for everyone, you end up with mediocre game at best.

That said, I haven’t heard of any clues about making third person look or any real demand on it and I believe lots of mechanics are based on first person look, so I wouldn’t count on any change in this field. Sorry.


The game has been announced as 1st person only from the very beginning and the devs have never promised the 3rd person play option.

The game is very good for me. One of the best I’ve ever played. And I hate 3rd person mode in any game. Yeah, I’m that weird.


Yes, it is very good for some people, and not so good for others. So easy to improve it and make good for others. I do not expect anything, I just say that people sholud be less arrogant and be opened to what other people like. This game could have been much more popular, because popularity does not deppend on what you like, but what everybody likes.

There is no arrogance involved. This has been the game concept. It is based on many points.


Not arrogant. Just have a right to different point of view (sorry for the pun).

TBH, I know how you feel. There are lots of games that lacks something small but important to me, so I cannot enjoy it as I want. E.g. cockpit view in some driving games. But that’s still just an opinion. And in this game it contradicts with the game concept. So you can either take it (it’s not impossible to get used to 1st person view even if you prefer otherwise) or leave it. Or FWIW join modders community to make the 3rd person view mod better.

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Precisely. Because I know as well. So many wonderful games are made with 3rd person only with no options or mods available to amend it. This keeps me away from these games just because I cannot enjoy anything from the 3rd person.


You clearly don’t know anything about game development.
“easy” is not a word that got any relation to getting a 3rd person camera to work well.

The game was presented as a first person game on the kickstarter and that have been the vision from the start.
And in most things we got the game we where promised.

If you want a game in 3rd person, find a game that was made as such.


You are forgetting that developers themselves brought up the possibility of implementing 3rd person view:

They implemented a fully working 3rd person in the DEV build of the game that comes with modding tools. You could try patching it into the normal build, but I don’t know how hard it would be. The mod would be great if you could bind mouse movements to your rotation keys, but I don’t think it’s possible.

I know the existence of a mod to make 3rd person view possible, and it is installed on my game. But the final word is that it is not possible to play with the mod for differnt reasons.

I think it is very easy for devs to release an “anonimous” decent 3rd person mod to let people enjoy the game this way, but they don’t want, just that. For sure they know perfectly how to make the mod playable, fixing the mistakes of the existing one (just the possition of the camera pointing to the boots is ridiculous, and nobody using the mod knows how to fix it).

I am not asking for the introduction of a perfect 3rd person gameplay with no bugs or problems into the game, apparently it present some serious problems that devs can not handle. I only say that it is very easy to make something to make happy a lot of people (the mod itself is close to something valid), but there is no interest. Maybe it takes a couple of hours to make that possible.

Well yes, there’s the mod that a modder made. Then there’s the dev build of the game. The dev build already has a fully functioning 3rd person camera. They obviously know how to do it, but there’s still quite a few issues with the 3rd person camera they put in the dev build. The mod on the nexus also has a .exe file. You can run it to change your camera up to your torso/

what makes you think they haven’t tried implementing a working 3rd person? there’s a reason they brought up the possibility but never implemented it.

as you say, people have already tried modding it, it just doesn’t work.

the devs have no obligation to “please everyone” as you keep saying.

Agreed, they don’t need to make everyone happy. If you don’t wanna play the DEV build of kingdom come in the mod tools, then download the mod. To be honest, I think first person is much better for this game anyway.

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It’s very simple - Warhorse tried to make a realistic game where every achievement counts and feels good because player needs to learn how to play.
3rd person view in games is obviously a cheating and a big minus to realism! With 3rd person you can see behind corners without being seen and you can see all around you like you have a drone hovering above you. Of course you could argue that realistic field of view would be much broader then a PC monitor, but definitely not that broad as 3rd person view.
If you like such games go play Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order :wink:

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I prefer not enter in the absurd discussion about what is better, 1st or 3rd view. I always prefer 3rd person view, but I don’t blame anybody if he prefers 1st person view, that is his choice. This game is not only 1st person view because it is the only way to be played, but becuase apparenly making 3rd person view without bugs causes some big problems/work.

Every game is different, but refering to the examples yous say, Skyrim is not a 3rd person view game, it is a game that ALLOW you to CHOOSE. The Witcher 3 just the same, you can CHOOSE. And many others games let you CHOOSE. And for example Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order only let you play using 3rd person view, and this is wrong because some people love 1st person view (not me).

Precissely when a game do not allow you to choose it receives lots of complains, because it does not fit a lot of players points of view. The thing is that Kingdom Come Deliverance has clearly been born with 3rd person view as an option, there are a lots of proofs. And it is so close to be done that I only ask for a “mod” to make possible the experience, not anything perfect.

What I don’t understand is the interest against 3rd person view of people without anything to do with the development of this game. If the game let us play 3rd person view you can continue playing 1st person view the same way. That would be only another possibiliity that only affects people for the better, it hurts nobody.

I undestand the limitation of camera point of view when somebody plays a multiplayer game, where you have to compete with others using the same conditions. It does not apply to this game, this is a single player game.

Well to sum things up here: there won´t be a third person few unless a modder does it voluntarily. If there are so many persons who want to play third person view, I´m sure one of them learns how to mod and does it - if not, well than it seems Interesst is not so big.


I have not made a poll to know the numer of players, but for sure there are a lot. And it is very probable that many others would’t do the poll because they decided not to buy the game just for this reason.