Stuck at loading screen

When i try to up the overall quality image it keeps getting stuck in loading screen. I’m sure because i waited for 10 minutes to load and it just doesn’t.

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I’m having the same issue. I’m stuck after hunting with the young nobleman. We go to chase down a wounded boar, and then it goes to a load screen. I’ve been on it for like 13 hours!

I tried loadin a past save and replaying the hunt, but nothing works. It just goes back to the black load screen :rage:


me too man! so annoying! hope they fix it soon ! =(

Same here, i think im on the last missions of game, but i cant see the end :slight_smile:

I’m stuck at a loading screen at near the beginning of the game. After you play dice with Nightingale.

guys i have same problem after boar hunting scene, for me work reinstall game on my xbox one x so try this :wink:

I know how to fix this issue during the loading screen press alt+enter it will either attempt to enter in fullscreen or windowed depending on what it was on first spam this and alt tab out and tab back in maybe do a little bit a of ctrl alt delete and it should fix it unless you are on console in that case your out of luck

This didn’t work for me. Niether load again, I’ll try loading another save to see if it works

I was recently stuck on infinite loading on payback quest, between the dialogues
I’ve already sent request for help to KCD support email, because I’m simply not able to continue playing :frowning:

I use no mods, I’ve tried changing graphic/window/fullscreen settings, restarting game/computer, loading earlier save & replaying previous quests, skipping dialogues or allowing them all to be played - no luck, pff, right before the battle…

same for me it stuck on payback quest. I sent email 11 days ago. Didn’t get any reply. Cant play the game. I can understand bugs on side missions. But how is it possible in main line…

my issue was solved with the latest game update

Not here, had another problem where I could not play, but that one is fixed now. then I played about 10h further and now I’m stuck at a loading screen, tried older times a few times allready. I hope they fix it soon, cuz I love this game so much.

Same here. After challenging someone to a fistfight, we’re supposed to be moved to a fighting ring. Instead I get an unending loading screen.

Same problem here, in the epilogue quest, when i’m going to the upper castle in the rattay, i stuck on loading screen.

Twice now in as many days, I have encountered this problem at different parts of the game. The first time, I tried to sleep in a bed at the Miller’s house and ended up at the endless load screen. I lost at least an hour of progress as a result. And today, after the cutscene finished after completing “The Prey” quest, the game again resulted in an endless loading screen. When I closed the game and then reloaded, I had a guard attacking me (the game saved after the cutscene so I didn’t lose my progress this time, at least) and suddenly I had a huge fine I had to pay.

As much as I love this game, it is riddled with bugs and it’s killing the experience. Lack of a proper save system makes it even worse as you never know when the next glitch is going to hit, and how much progress you’re going to lose as a result.

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Mine happens randomly at the training arena with Bernard, been trying to level up my stats only to have a random loading screen start up in an endless loop, I’ve been through this 3 times now and it’s extremely irritating having to keep doing all of this over

not just annoying they sold a game that does not work. thats fraud, i want these czech fucks hanged and my money back.

but you cant save though. just redo hours of shit because these fraudsters made a game where the main quest is broken and you cant save. I know i wont get my money back and the 1% of people who got no glitches will be smug douchebags, but it is fraud to sell a broken product. We should get refunds.

is right before the battle when youre captured? my main quest is broken right after im captured. this is fraud, you cant sell a game that doesnt work.