Thanks for standing your ground against the bullies Daniel


Good to see you sticking up for what’s right and not falling to these bullies who want to alter history and insert their agenda into video games. Historical Accuracy>Disrespect to history to validate an opinion.

I’ll probably buy this game full price now, before I was on the fence. Unsure if it’d be worth it, but we need more devs like you who want to make games that stay true to history, this is very important for future generations so that they don’t get convinced that there were female african SS soldiers in WW2 and genderless feminists in medieval Bohemia.

To everyone at WarHorse I wish the best for your success in future projects.

Metro article

Yeah, Dan is badass :slight_smile:
I laughed so hard when somebody tried to report him to his employer tho! :DD


Dan is a God(Even better). These people behind the ocean doesn’t know a thing about our history. Some people doesn’t know where’re countries on the map. :wink:

P.S As i said million times, these commentators just too lazy to search things and analyze the information. :face_with_monocle:


This is why I love Warhorse Studios. Keep up the great work! Never bow down to the social justice warriors and hypocrites.


And LMAO he reported the founder of the studio to the studio. :joy::joy::joy:
Omg Daniel is op. :smiley:


Dan is implying that people of color are incompetent? It seems that the person making this accusation lacks reading comprehension. Dan clearly believes that people of color are competent enough to make games about their culture themselves and don’t need him to do it for them. Anyone suggesting otherwise is the one who thinks that people of color are incompetent.


This is amazing, I wouldn’t stand having to put up with any of this personally. But Warhorse did a good job with everything. If they didn’t, it will end up like COD WWII, never played it nor want to. But I’ve seen Angry Joe’s videos :joy:…black women nazi’s. Just the thought of it hurts my head and goes against everything I’ve learned.


this is huge WHISKY TANGO FOXTROT situation. Awesome how Hellboy held the first line of defense, did MG support, called artillery support AND shot howitzers on call…

Srsly, BFU who can’t read shouldn’t be able to pay for internet. So how is it possible they comment on Twitter???


Buy Battlefield 1 instead. I saw all WW2 cutscenes as whole, there were few clichés but overally interesting, and then I saw actual gameplay and I wanted to puke.


Exactly what I was thinking.


Reporting the founder to his own company…

Ohhh boy… this is hilarious

Also reason why Witcher 3 had like… 5-6 POC in the game was because
A: It’s a fantasy game
C: They were traveling merchants… IN A FANTASY GAME


This whole sjw has been getting out of hand for far too long.

The saddest thing is, most people barely know that these sjw and feminists excist. They just get those opinions and decisions forced upon them. And most don’t care about those issues.
In Holland they had to change the announcing voice at the trainstations. Because it said: “ladies and gentlemen”. Apparently somebody thought that is discrimination against genderless people and they had to change it to “dear travelers”.
Nobody cares it has changed, not a big deal right? But the reason behind it is ridicouless.
And that is what bothers people, things are labelled as racist or discriminating by people who see everything as racist. The rest don’t get a say in any of it.

So well done mr. Vavra!


Genderless?..I can’t believe it…is that really a thing? Jesus Christ…oh sorry, apperantly I can’t say that because of non-religious folk. Some SJW told me so. :neutral_face:


I think I might have gone to far down the rabbit hole.

It really is a bottomless pit. My advice, when you encounter a sjw or feminist on the internet or any of their news articles. Get away and don’t give them the satisfaction of replying to them. Best is just to turn off your pc and don’t touch it again for the rest of the day.


Or just run as far away as possible.


I honestly thing Dan could have said it diffrently to get his point across. He left gimself open for misinterpretation there.

But that still doesn’t make him racist. Or the other dude(s) correct.

With millions of people living in europe at the time, is it possible there were a very few black people in central europe at the time through wildly unusual circumstances? maybe.
But were they normal? Nope.

One of the things making KC:D great, is that it is dedicated to staying true to historical reality and depicting things within the bounds of “normality”, not freak singular occurances, especially with the character(s).

So even if one could prove or assume the existence of some POC in bohemia in 1403, they would be so freakishly rare, that including them in this game would be going against the historical plausibility aimed for.


“muh diversity” sums up the sjw argument in regards to basically…anything. regardless of context or intent. it’s a cult, don’t engage. just point and laugh from a distance.


You might want to change the title of this topic from ‘David’ to ‘Daniel’…


Whoops. Well spotted.


I rather think that Christians would be more likely to object to your taking the name of Jesus in vain than atheists would, what with it being one of the ten commandments.