Update 1.09 for PS4 just dropped

Update is 12.732 GB…


"Patch 1.6.2 makes some adjustments, improvements, and fixes to both the full version of the game and to our first premium DLC, “From the Ashes.” We truly appreciate your feedback and support and we humbly ask that you continue to submit any bugs you see or come across in the land of Bohemia to our support.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The player now loses only a very small amount of faction reputation when he kills all witnesses to his crime.
Partially loaded the state of Talmberg during “Epilogue” fixed.
Robard stuck in the ground during “Epilogue” fixed.
“Rattled” quest in Sasau can now be started even after finishing “All that Glisters”. - Several long faders before cutscenes fixed.
Player couldn’t run from several quest fights in “A Needle in a Haystack”. It is now possible to do so.
NPCs can get very dirty and bloody again.
Misleading objective logs during “A Needle in a Haystack” fixed and/or improved.
Executioner Hermann is no longer in Rattay faction, which should solve many inappropriate reputation losses concerning Rattay.
“Tis But a Scratch” achievement fixed.

From the Ashes DLC:

Any new village modifier that the player acquires now immediately appears in the GUI. It is now much easier to see which action caused changes in the village.
Divish now instantly teleports to Talmberg after finishing the lords’ discussion during “Epilogue”. This should solve many problems with starting the DLC.
Issue with finishing the DLC quest during Talmberg siege with Divish being teleported inside besieged Talmberg was fixed.
Locator Marius has much better pathfinding now.
There is now a bed marker on the player’s bed in all stages of Rathaus.
The must-have money in the village chest now starts after talking to Marius in cleared Pribyslawitz. It previously started after the first cutscene, which could have caused confusion in specific cases.
There is now a grindstone in the basic forge and the armorer improvement.
It is no longer possible to “judge” Fritz and Matthew during “…Is a Friend Indeed” quest.
Rare issue with recruited NPCs not migrating to Pribyslavitz fixed.
Rare issue with dropped halberds in Pribyslavitz fixed.
Slight improvement in dialogue cameras during judgments.
Saddle-maker no longer has “Villager” UI name.
NPCs no longer try to walk into the wall behind the church.
Fader after buying resources should now be much shorter.
“Improvements” option in dialogue with Marius now only shows when the player can actually build some improvements.
It is no longer possible to recruit NPCs when the player fails the “A Place to Call Home” quest.
Any issues with the crowd not appearing in Rattay during Henry’s public announcement should be fixed.
Small French and German translation improvements.
Many minor graphical issues in Pribyslavitz fixed."


Maaannnnnn that better mean the player too…


What about Hans Capon? Does he still walk around naked?

No clue. I’m going to start a new game as soon as it finishes and will post things that messed up.

Question about hardcore mode. Does your hunger naturally go down faster than normal mode or does it only go down faster with the tapeworm perk/debuff?

And still no fix for the bandits in Rattay who search for Timmy at the tavern.
And still no options for HUD customization.

Have to wait some more months that this will hopefully added.

Does it improve/reduce pop-in?

No. 10 characters.

Glad the patch is out.

I’m very concerned that there’s no mention of asset pop-in.

Any PS4 players currently playing able to comment on that?

So Henry gets bloody again. Haven’t seen him get dirty yet. I changed my mind and am going to start on hardcore mode so I will report back on that aspect.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: … doesn’t take mastermind to figure out that post-Skalitz sacking the only one on a murderous rampage is Henry. can’t please everyone

appreciated but 2 issues: (1) once in a while i get purgatory freezes (game lets me open help but won’t let me cancel out or work on grindstone), and that causes me to loose all progress or burn saves before using the grindstone. since this was reported before and since it’s not addressed in release notes, I’m very reluctant to use grindstones @WH_janrucker @DrFusselpulli . that’s unfortunate as i actually enjoy the mini-game (2) should still be one at guardhouse too. there’s one at Merhojed guard camp.

per RNs, no change to guardhouse. a little disappointed WH didn’t add ladder/stairs to guardhouse tower and didn’t change the piss pot (filthy water trough) in front of the Pribyslavitz combat arena into a clean and usable water trough as one sees at Bernard’s combat arena

Most disappointing is no reference to popin and rain performance changes. In the words of Sir Hanush, Kurva!

i have the tapeworm debuff. as best i can tell, it just burns nourishment stats faster. if you kill enemy NPCs and loot their food, you never have a hunger problem. if you convert foods using the dryer at the bakery and if you keep a supply of the other dried goods, the tapeworm debuff is a non issue

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Some mods increased exhaustion rate as well as hunger rate. It meant that by mid afternoon, you had to look for food providing energy instead of just any food. It felt much better than tapeworm.

interesting. the energy and nourishment values of foods is a bit of a head scratcher to me. and there doesn’t appear to be a practical impact on combat (etc) performance. long story short for me - very cute and interesting mechanic but a little confusing and not of much gameplay importance

12 gig patch!!! Nah you know what I’m done playing kingdom come and I’m talking smack about warhorse studio’s for as long as I live now. How many gigs of patches is that now? 40? 50? Some people have data limits and you $h!t on all those people with these giant patches that continue to fix small parts that nobody cares about but not everything that needs to be fixed. You guys are working on part 2 while this game is still broke! You’re priorities are so twisted. Finish the first before the second maybe? I’m skipping the next dlc because guess what it will need patching on day 1. I’m gonna tell all my friends that this game is a buggy pos and the devs don’t care to finish it in the timely manner we deserve. Sure you guys are cool but you shit on our hopes for this game with a buggy $h!tfest. Biggest disappointment of the year for me. Uninstalling it for room on my ps4. I’ll go back in a year. GFY. Another thing. GO FIND YOUR OWN BUGS! OR PAY US FOR DOING YOUR JOBS!

Quite the rant. Sorry to hear you have data limits. With each KCD patch, I kill ‘n fill. Don’t trust game’s performance on PS4 otherwise.

There’s lots to improve upon, and it’d be appreciated if WH added more polish to existing stuff before adding more unpolish. But, there’s still lots to do especially if you like combat, horse archery, trading and messing about. After you make a save, go on a binge of combat, thieving, or whatever until you get terminated

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It’s not as easy to keep download sizes small all the time. I’ve found a good response to someone making similar points as you.

Person 1: “dont see why a patch with “bug fixes” is 18GB?”

Responder: Because entire files need to be replaced, not just updated. Let’s say there’s texture corruption. Can’t fix it, texture is overwritten and replaced. Maybe some major code changes are needed and it comes with an updated compiler to fix the .exe file. Sometimes it could just be a few bug fixes but contains the skeleton files for an upcoming DLC, that seems pretty common. Who knows what it is specifically, but there are reasons. Also, because Sony and Microsoft both charge developers for patches, it’s very likely that many minor bug related issues are saved up for a large maintenance patch on the consoles, as compared to simple patching on PC that can be much smaller and happen regularly.

I hope this was helpful to give you some perspective, but considering how unreasonably upset you are, I doubt it will be. Assuming the size of this update was the smallest they could make it, would you rather they just didn’t update the game, to make sure you don’t hit or go over your data limits? I think it’s their responsibility to ensure their patch size is optimized and as small as it can be, but I don’t think they should sacrifice the quantity or quality of bug fixes or adjustments just because users may have data limits.

You guys are working on part 2 while this game is still broke! You’re priorities are so twisted. Finish the first before the second maybe?

Doesn’t the developers releasing a patch show they’re still supporting and actively working on this game? Also, if they are working on the second game, it’s most likely a different team within the company, or, at the very least, there’s probably a dedicated team to supporting the existing game. How do you define when the game is “finished?”

I’m gonna tell all my friends that this game is a buggy pos and the devs don’t care to finish it in the timely manner we deserve. Sure you guys are cool but you shit on our hopes for this game with a buggy $h!tfest.

If you care about the game or company, why would you sabotage them by spreading your negativity with the purpose of persuading people not to support them?

In no way are developers obligated to release patches to their game. (Keep in mind I’m not saying whether or not they should.) When you purchase a game, you’re buying it as-is, and it’s unreasonable to feel as though you “deserve” continued support from the developers. Because of this, it’s pretty awesome when game developers DO continue to support their game by releasing bug fixes and new content.


They most likely do find their own bugs, but it’s very difficult to find all the bugs that exist in a large, complex piece of software, with just a handful of developers. (I don’t know the size of their dev-team, but I’m sure it’s much, much smaller than their userbase.) Players submitting bug reports is super helpful for the developers to catch anything they may have missed. And, it’s common in the world of software development that some bugs are only found once the software/product is live and out in the world.

Anyway, I hope I’ve been able to provide some perspective and things to think about regarding the points you make in your comment.


Now tell us how you really feel :smiley:

Any idea what this is relation to?

Is the Talmberger Trophy fixed please ?