Very, very low performance


Ok, here’s that:

I have 1 1080gtx with 16GB RAM, and i am playing in 4k. I get no more than 20-25 fps, and that is bizarre, considering the graphics quality which is, honestly, not as high as i would have expected. Other, more demanding, games play at 60fps with ultra settings.
So, what’s wrong?


I play it on a 1060gtx 6GB and 16 GB of RAM, from an SSD with the high settings preset and I get between 40-60 (locked) FPS most of the time. I also have some occasional stuttering and ~3 seconds of load time when I roam on the world. There are also some areas in which the FPS drops instantly to ~20. I think that we need to tinker with the settings and ini files at this point, I expected this as the game is still a very fresh fruit :wink:


Try to lower the res to 1080p


Tried to go 2k, now i have 50 fps.

Which are still very few, frankly…i think it’s a game related problem, at this point :cry: (


gtx1080 and i76700K 32gb ram but locked at 60 fps and sometimes the fps is droping to 30 (im with 144hz monitor)


Be glad you get anywhere near that, I also have a GTX 1080 and 16GB Ram, and well, see this thread of mine:

I’d be glad if I could get anywhere near constant 50 fps…


we will need to wait for patch


Actually, 2k is playable for me. Far from perfect, but still pretty enjoyable…


i find the game surprisingly well optimized actually, considering it’s a cryengine game. running all high on a 3 year old pc at 60+ fps


from what i have seen gtx 9xx graphics runs better than gtx 1xxx ,maybe cause of low expectation or idk


2K and 50 fps are very few for you ??? This game isn’t LOL. Come on mate be realistic.



I play witcher 3 with 4k and 60 fps.

And this game’s graphics, for what i’m seeing, are not better of that game’s. So yes, it’s very few, for a 1080gtx.


Witcher 3 did run on a completely different engine. And if I read the past posts from the devs carefully, the global illumination model they are using is rather advanced. Some less polished textures or models can make it look a bit worse at times, but to me it seems like most of the time it is more detailed than Witcher 3.

Also at no point did WH promise any sort of 4k 60 fps on 1080 GTX. And not many new games can run that kind of FPS on a single GPU yet.


True that they didn’t promise anything like that, but the hardware should still deliver. The illumination has an impact on the performance, but still, 20-25 fps with this gpu and ram is awfully low…Especially when i don’t get such low fps even with more demanding games (witcher 3 was just one example).


Witcher 3 was not that extremely demanding. But it is hard to simply compare games like that. I can make a scene that is really simple and yet will get less than 1 fps on dual GTX 1080, simply by overdoing it with lightning model. Depending on what techniques you use for calculating the scenes the larger resolution may have bigger impact on the performance. Some techniques are more sensitive to the amount of polygons in a scene while other rendering techniques calculate things like shadows and light for every single pixel separately.


Graphics are not everything in a game. There is more going on in the world state.
You could experiment with Affinity. I had some improvement in dips, but it won’t do anything for averages.
You might also want to dial back IQ settings if you have pushed them all to ‘max’. There might be some which are visually indistinguishable while granting higher performance.


Just at the menu screen before game starts with fps on and I get 37 fps playing it @ 3840 X 2160, All set to settings set to High and I get a low 37 fps. During the first dialog with your mother, I get a even lower 22 fps and once done and moving around the house 30-35 fps.
My system specs:
Win 10 64 bit, i7-6850k, 65GB RAM, ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 8GB and I’m running it off an SSD.

So far, as long as I have waited for this game. I am not too impressed. Graphics are pretty low even for high settings. The cut-scene in beginning, is poor on high settings. These days it should be damn good to watch. I know graphics are not everything but you can’t say it and not deliver it. I have not tried ultra high yet but who knows if it will look better or not.

Other than graphics, i’m already disappointed just inside the house. The mom said there is food on the table so after dialog finished i went to table to eat and tried to grab the food on table even though marker was over the food it wouldn’t register. I moved around a bit and was able to grab the bread but the rest of the bread and apples i had to jump on bench to get it to register it being there lol. i even tried sitting down and grabbing food as to try and sit and eat but that didnt work. Im not sure if that is a feature or not. Anyway, I hope little things like this dont keep popping up and hope there is a patch to fix the fps soon.


I think the graphics in this game are amazing. I don’t really know what else it would take to impress you. Your system as stated should handle this game perfectly. I’ve seen several comments though that say that 4k high fps isn’t possible in a lot of games but I’m not sure. Do you see 4k Ultra @60fps in other games? Examples please?


I’ve been running this on medium-high settings between 50-60 fps. It’s a little disappointing because I know my system isn’t being used to it’s max. My Vram only hits about 40% and my system ram is only using about 8 of 16gb. It would be nice to utilize everything on this older system as I get 1080p Ultra @60 on most AAA games from 2015 onward. Please optimize! I hope it come in the patch, but really this should be expected on day 1.

System specs: Asus H-97 Pro gamer MB
Intel i5-4690k
16gb DDR3 1600GHZ RAM
Aircooled Hyper Evo 212


Same here with regards to poor performance. It really is not optimized well at all. I have other cryengine games that produce a higher fidelity of graphics rendering with the same engine but running a smooth 60fps at very high to max settings. I was concerned early on when it was revealed they were using cryengine because as impressive as it can be, there’s multiple games out there that have used it poorly.

I hope they address these performance issues that many are having. I’ve spent a long time tweaking around with the settings options and there’s not one setting that I can see that produces any significant difference in performance. Global Lighting to medium helps a little but then I’ve even see turning off motion blur of all things having a minor effect. The thing is that not only is the performance poor, part of what makes it so rough and noticable is that it is EXTREMELY inconsistent regardless if even you set everything to medium or low and have vertical sync turned on. Outside will hover around 60 but then instantly drop when you look at a building and will then drop maybe 10 to 15 fps. Then cutscenes regardless of the fact that you may be outside and away from buildings always drops close to 20 fps. And this is all fluctuating all the time making poor performance look and feel even worse because of the constant fluctuation.

I’m still trying to remain positive and will continue to experiment on my own but the game really needs better optimization and its my hope that Warhorse will continue to support the game and specifically look into these issues that many of us are having. That being said I’ve been forging ahead and as the game starts to open up and reveal more of the story and characters and gameplay, I can see the gem of a game inside that I had always suspected it would be. However it definitely needs performance improvements.