What do you think of first person?

Interesting :slight_smile: I liked the 3rd person in Witcher, because the character is important and seeing Geralt on screen made him hero of the story I was watching. Like hero in a book. I was not immersed in the character, but in the story, and I did not for a second believed I am Geralt :smiley:

If not implemented properly I agree that it wouldn’t be a good idea for game-play, but if done well (which will take some testing) I think it could be very good personally.

I guess we’ll see what happens - They are considering it BTW.

Yeah? Since when? And what exactly are they considering, spending time in fleshed out third person. Or a simple pan view, to jizz on you character, which most people would like anyway, instead of viewing it in their inventory.

I usually don’t play third person games. The notion that third person view would give better view of far distances make me confused. I don’t understand at all, how? Why? Is it a joke?

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The 3rd person view is not about better view of far distances (well, it does improve that as well, slightly, because the camera is usually higher than your character). It generally improves the overview of the scene, gives you wider and higher perspective and much better awareness of your direct surroundings. That’s what makes it so popular, a considerably wider outlook and better sense of orientation.

The downside is that it puts some more distance between you and the environment and detaches you from it to some degree in the process. Makes you an observer rather than a participant. But that’s also a pretty subjective thing if you ask me. I can get really immersed in any good game, no matter what camera it uses. Some 3rd person games can even be more immersive than some of the 1st person ones. The 1st person perspective just offers a much more straightforward basis for this.

The trouble with 1st person is that it considerably limits the peripheral view and causes something of a tunnel vision, which of course comes mainly as a limitation of the computer screen (and some people may find something resembling tunnel vision uncomfortable, maybe in a way similar to claustrophobia, although not that severe).

The problem is, that the actual human sight is somewhere in between. The only real compromise is to buy yourself three monitors and try to play in 1st person on a triple screen.

(As I mentioned, though, I’m all for a 1st person centered gameplay in KCD…)

“Helmets affecting your vision are being considered but cannot be confirmed as of yet.”

There you go!

I hope that they can make it work as I think it’d be a great feature; give the player the option to trade visibility for protection + increase immersion at the same time ;).

But the helmet thing in WOTR is done so badly.
When you have it one, you use such a large space of your screen for BLACK. Which is completely waste of space. So why not just zoom in, or limit camera movement, or maybe, just a real blurry edge (which will probably look ugly)
But we don’t know the game mechanics, attributes and so on in detail.
Maybe a more simple effect, that you still have most of your view, but by doing actions your screen starts to condensate, blurring the view, which limits your damage output, because by doing bursts of actions you blur your vision.

Yeah I just thought you were saying that the combat was locked. No worries.

It has to block your view, otherwise you’re a camera floating in space.

Well, in my RPGs, I want to give my characters personality :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean it’s the same as any discussion that are a matter of opinion? Well yes, obviously.

At any rate, the best solution would obviously be implementing both options, but from what I’ve seen, vast majority of FP games offering TP view (or the other way around) have the other mode half-arsed and broken.

And don’t know the context of the view block quote, so idk.
And the last thing about jrpg vs wrpg is a bit more off topic, i just showed the video to other guys, who didn’t dislike it.

I’m just saying that its about the aspect of customizing your character to fit your own, as an escape, play as yourself or someone you want to be. Vs a (highly probable) more interesting and in depth character, created by the developers.
But yeah this is not that much on topic =)

I am perfectly content with the first person combat. I cannot imagine how the combat system they are going for will work in third-person. If you need to react and stash opponents based on where they are open. I would rather they concentrate on first person and make it as best as it can be rather than spread out resources to have two mediocre camera camera vantage points.

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Well, for third person perspective to work, there has to be a person on the screen. So it’ll always obscure your vision more than first person perspective. Technically, you see less in TP - you just have a better situational awareness so it doesn’t feel that way

You get a muc h larger field of field, but in most shooter games, the gun also has like 1/4 of the screen. Games like melee combat, for example skyrim, still has the hands, which are the same size as a person in third person. Still all variations and depends form game to game. So unless you have no weapons or, separate hands from camera you will have the same area covering the camera. But in the case of KCD, a simple sword won’t obscure anything.But you still lack the bigger FOV, without distorted view

yep, if they have to sacrifice anything of the promised features, I also would prefer it to be after the game is finished

But why impeach people who want 3rd person as an option to get it ?
Btw if you want to feel and get completly immerse during a fight go try medieval reenactment you’ll be immerse.
The feeling I’ve got of that topic is that most of the people expressing here only think about their point of wiew, and looks to think that IF there is a 3rd person, they will be obligated to use it.
But thats not what do we want.

It seems like this post is more “alive” than the one I previously posted the following. I would like everyone with input, and the will to share it to do so. Here is a mere suggestion.

If KC: D ends up being Oculus Rift compatible, then I suppose that they will have independent head movement for people who do not own or play with the Rift. That is simple to implement into the PC elite hamster race because we have many buttons on the keyboard. What about the PS4 and Xbone? I know that the PS4 controller has a good gyroscope in it, I don’t know too much about the Xbone’s controller, but that gyroscope can be used and implemented into the game for independent head movement.

For PC elite hamster race, we can just hold the alt key, like in Arma. For the console peasants, the head can be moved independently from the body by holding both shoulder buttons or something while moving/twisting/turning the controller around in real-time space dimension.

A fairly decent example of this is in BF4. When you are in some certain vehicles, and you have motion sensor enabled within the settings, you can look around inside the vehicle by physically manipulating your controller while holding a button.

'Twould be great to see Track-IR support implemented as a stop gap, or alternative to the Rift, although even if either of these is never implemented I will stick to playing in first person, rather than immersion destroying 3rd.

so you want it to zoom in so that you can no longer see your charecter? so first person

I like that you were critical in your approach, or at least made every attempt to be so, except I love first person and prefer it in every game from Skyrim to Forza and I really like what Warhorse have done with their first person camera and I am looking forward to it.

No, you don’t actually have a bigger FOV at all. You feel you do, because camera is placed behind your character and, as I said, you get better situational awareness, but your FOV remains roughly the same - otherwise you’d get the ‘fisheye’ effect.

And yeah, you’re correct, a weapon does take up some screen space in FPS games - then again, I tend to scale down weapon models in FPS games, and I tend to crank up my FOV to ~105 or so whenever I can, which is definitely more than most TP games I have ever seen, not to mention that I don’t really care about immersion all that much in shooters (when they’re not Far Cry 2. Aaaah, marvelous Far Cry 2.)

I’m also glad you brought up Skyrim, because that’s exactly an example of a game where, about 80% of the playtime, I have absolutely nothing but a tiny compass obscuring my vision.

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