What Mods Should There Be?


I’m not sure about everyone else but I am really looking forward to the modding scene for this game. I hope somebody does and economy mod to expand on the trading system in the game. But what i want to know is what mods other people would want.

Custom player homes

A Lord of the Rings mod better happen or I will be super sad.


Honestly anything. That’s the great thing about mods, if modders love the game we could see a great variety of mods that improve some aspects of the game or implement completely new ones…


If there are not in vanilla, some kind of tournaments/contests/arenas whatever you want to call it.

If the game creates a great amount of public, maybe we could see things like new entire games situated in other eras or places. (Like Gekokujo or Rome in M&B)


Sudden Death by Slapping!


Something like dog companions would be cool


Maybe some talented modders could make a standalone mod (like Nehrim) about a different historical event, in a different time (medieval though) and in a different place.
A crusade mod for example…
Yeah, a crusade mod would be awesome!

Games that led you to KC:D

I’ve always wanted a game like this set during the first half of the hundred years war(Edward III, Edward IV The Black Prince,Crecy,Poitiers, ending with the black death). Story could be based on “St. George for England” by G.A. Henty. But It seems like that would be a little more than a mod. You never know though.


= Zombie Dragons Multiplayer Co-op :smiley:

(You are the “Zombie dragon” and another players (as knights) try to kill you in co-op in multiplayer :D)


Jep, that would be awesome…


I’d like to see fan stories to the game with modded maps and modded characters


I always wanted to go back in time to the middle ages and become a king of the world with the help of the advanced military technology, so what about a mod with modern guns like in a FPS? Shouldn’t bee too hard with Cryengine.


I feel it is far too early to discuss this in any detail. Let’s see what we have at the time of release & take it from there.
As to the fantasy mods, whilst I do appreciate folk like them, there are hundreds of games out there catering for that.
What we have here is something very unusual if not unique.
Fantasy mods would tend to blur its distinct identity.

For me. keep it realistic, folks.

Balla. :slight_smile:


Different historical settings.


I would love to see a complete overhaul mod for a re-telling of the Robin Hood story in game format. I might even have a go at it myself, or at least parts of it as any complete overhaul is likely to need more than one person working on it.

Dreams are free haha… :laughing:


Well, when I see possibilites of combat system (yeah, we don’t know too much right now, but visually, it’s impressive), I’m sure someone will create someting like Star Wars mod. I know it will be super-unrealistic for the setting of the game, but I can imagine some lightsaber mod based on KC combat system will be duty for some modders


a lot of important events in the hundred years war happened during this time frame so only minimal additions and subtractions to armor and clothing would be necessary. afterwards, a new terrain representing several key french locations. but that should be easy considering how powerful and effective is the cryengine for terrain generation.




Would love a mod that only focused on famous battles, as well as providing your own “battle editor” to create your own battles (sieges, sizes of armies, types of soldiers, quality of soldiers, type of place, time of day, weather, etc.) You know, for those who would really love to just wage war!


@MacKJames, kind of want this mod to be done for KCD…for research purposes.