What Mods Should There Be?


The same Game but in the year 2077 :wink:


@AhmadKhan You REALLY are into that slapping concept, aren’t you? LOL, Sir Slapalot :wink: There will be lots of gauntlets being thrown down in your story, hehehe.


I guess one of the first released mods will be animated prostitution… :slight_smile:


I’m starting to think that some Monty Python and the Holy Grail mods would work well.

Like trying to siege a castle held by the French.

Battle with the legendary Black Knight.

And trying to slay the most ferocious creature to ever exist.


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Dragons and nude elves are probably the first mods coming for this game.

My prediction.


There must be a bridge with a troll mod!


Awesome idea. Perfect for practicing for the battles too. Perhaps some kind of practice mode where your only task is to block x attacks with perfect timing etc. Kind of like a challenge mode, without ruining the immersion.


From things i read on this forum … first will be multiplayer or katana. All nice stuff.


mulitplayer katanas…brilliant! warhourse there’s your million pound stretch goal right there.


We need an enjoyable Game of Thrones game (Not even dealing with the events of the books, just set in that universe would be awesome). Modders, I have faith in you.


Mods that simply add to the immersion of the game.

Unfortunately, we will more likely be getting slutty outfits for females first… sigh


I would back a kickstarter for a mod like this! Minus the fantasy elements like R’hllor, greenseers, and children of the forest. Or keep them in, but give them different bonuses - faster attack speed, harder hitting, etc.


The thing I love about Game of Thrones is that for a large chunk of the show, magic is about as real as it is in real life. Especially before the events of ASoIaF, it would be really unlikely for a person to see even any hints of magic. And the universe has a lot of lore and history, so we could have a really interesting story set, say, 100 years before Robert’s Rebellion. Or, we could even do a mod during the rebellion. The possibilities are endless.


funny thing i notice. people always come to realistic game and mod it to be unrealistic. you’d think they’d just stick with skyrim and dragon age if they wanted generic fantasy.

i’m already working on more helmets for the game. though probably i should hold off, maybe warhorse will add it themselves later on.


I’m wondering what kind of modding tools willl be available. If there’s something like a story scripting mod for creating sidequests, this would be a huge driving force for very exclusive mods. Although I really like updated visuals, new skins and so on, I’d rather have new story content.


Maybe it’s because they like the game mechanics and would like to see them set in an awesome universe that hasn’t had any decent game adaptations. Is there something wrong with taking a game set in a realistic world and modding it to take place in a fantasy world?


I would love to see a complete overhaul mod for a re-telling of the Robin Hood story in game format. I might even have a go at it myself, or at least parts of it as any complete overhaul is likely to need more than one person working on it.

What a wonderful idea for a mod. A retelling of the Robin Hood epic, obviously tooled to the region of the game with similar themes to the original. Certainly can’t be about holding together King Richard’s realm while he’s off crusading but the tone of the mod could follow the flow of the Robin Hood fable.

On an unrelated note, I hope this game generates a mod buzz on par with the Elder Scrolls games. Some fan made period quests to enjoy while waiting for Act 2 would be a wonderful thing.


I would like to see a mod about the crusades.


I am really happy to see that Warhorse Studios is embracing mods and talking about it right from the start! Props to them because when I first heard of this game my first thought was “Well that looks awesome but with no mods Skyrim will always beat this game.” IMO. So Warhorse, you gave me exactly what I wanted before I even backed the game!

For mods that I want, graphic overhauls. Yes I’ve never seen the game live so I have no idea how good the textures will look but if you could use something like ENBs from Skyrim I would be incredibly happy. They really do change the overall vibe of the game. Another thing that would go great along with that is immersion mods like weather mods such as (again from Skyrim, sorry for that) Climates of Tamriel.

This might be a hard game to keep lore friendly because it is not fantasy. I hope people try to keep somewhat lore friendly mods to keep this game from becoming “another Skyrim”. Sure I want some fun in the mix to that isn’t lore friendly but this is a new game and I have to play it a while before I would want to change it too far from what the original developers intended. I suppose this might be something that I would want later because the game uses CryEngine and looks very good as is. For first mods I would probably want them to be character and quest related like character clothing and skins or new stories that add to the game.

Anyways I hope the modding community really embraces this game. I’m not a modder myself but I really appreciate the ones that spend hours and hours to create content that everyone can enjoy.