What Mods Should There Be?


Would be awesome to have a multiplayer duel mode or something. Of course this is extremely heavy work and would take a long time.

Expansions to armoury would probably be cool, but we’ll have to see what the game brings in the first place.

Also, lightsabers.


New stories and places could be great.


i was just thinking of a economy mod but i thought i would wait and see if i thought it needed one. @Scorpian i like your avatar. is that a real crest?


It almost happened for Skyrim but WB are dicks that should be cut off for what they did to MERP. http://www.moddb.com/mods/merp-middle-earth-roleplaying-project


He made a time machine, wouldn’t he be famous for that already.
Fetching samples of ancient DNA seems weak in comparison. :wink:


A Hyborian Age Mod would be nice. The main character does not necessarily have to be Conan.


HA… good point @Cerberus


who cares about storyline and logic? it’s just excuse to use machinegun and grenade launchers in medieval world

rolls eyes


I don’t know how hard it would be, but maybe strip out the story sections and use the engine and all its systems to create a multi-player system where the players become the barons and rulers of the castles, and everything else in between, keep NPC’s for some ambiance and some shop/item stuff but yeah basically make it a free form MMO. Imagine the stories that could unfold. Imagine a full scale siege with nothing but players attacking each other, i know its heading towards what chivalry have done but i think it would only benefit the game to have a possible free room world inside. but yeah just my thoughts, seems doable just need a server that could handle the type of information coming at it


Ok they added, wich is really cool, now we need cats… what


I’m always a sucker for a good Warhammer Fantasy Mod. It would be super cool to be able to relive one of the old WFRP adventures like “Shadows over Bögenhafen.”


Maybe some one will add a dragon mod… JK


Big breasted anime characters with angle wings and demons tails dressed up in dominatrix outfits? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gah! How do I flag for abusive language!?


I think an interesting mod to have added would be something along the lines of a “Random Life Mod” where you are randomly assigned the life of an NPC in the game and you play the game as it unfolds as that character. Ex: You awaken as a farmer in a small village away from the castle and only hear news about the king, siege, etc. from travelers or couriers and your only goal is to farm efficiently and provide food, shelter, etc. for yourself/family.

This might be boring to repeatedly play over and over but I think could provide a fun break from all of the large-scale heroic mods that I’m sure will surface.


I sort of like the time machine idea, but not as described above. Perhaps a quest where you are in 1403 via time machine, but you must try to find clues and help to get back without being discovered. Perhaps some disastrous consequences for not concealing who you really are. Basically, take a modern character, and make him play true to the game’s atmosphere. No “magic”… no tech… no slang, etc.

Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like a really cool way to mod the dialog system, stealth system (especially until you get period accurate clothes on), crime system, and more.


Yes, a Game of Thrones World mod would be great.
A William Wallace mod would be cool as well.


They have said a few times that an experience like Braveheart is one of the goals of this game.


What if you wake up as the king? :smiley:


Well then that would make quite the boring “random life” if you were just kidnapped throughout the story!

But in more seriousness I’m sure you could limit what NPCs are available to be selected and it would still make for an entertaining alternative viewpoint to the story.