What Mods Should There Be?


As odd as it may sound coming from someone who backed Kingdom Come, I actually really like fantasy games, so I hope there are a few good fantasy mods. Personally, I would like to see at least one Warhammer Fantasy mod, and maybe a Warmachine and/or Malifaux mod. I’d make one for Malifaux, myself, if the modding tools were going to be released on linux (I haven’t touched a copy of Windows since 2006, and I personally think I’m better off for it). Maybe I’ll be able to get them working in Wine.

I backed this game mostly because I love the idea of open world RPGs, but think that Skyrim and Oblivion are equally shallow, pathetic examples of what an open world RPG should be. The realistic historical setting isn’t a bad thing, but I will admit that I hate playing as a human (I play one of those selfish pieces of filth in real life, why would I ever want to play one in a game?) and mostly just want to create a character that subdues and eventually destroys the human race.

I think, first and foremost, I look forward to a monsters mod that adds small outbreaks of vampirism or lycanthropism. I want to create a character named Kain, become a vampire, raise an order of vampires to rule the world (and herd humans as cattle), defeat the seraphim knights and raise them to be my leutenants, then throw my right-hand-man into a pit of hellfire when he evolves faster than me. Then I want to travel through time, luring Raziel (the lieutenant that I threw into the pit of hellfire) to important historical points to shape his understanding of the world, and eventually use Raziel’s soul (bound to a gigantic kriss-like sword) to defeat the elder god that gave Raziel his powers.

… Now I’m imagining a remake of the entire Legacy of Kain series, using modern graphics and Kingdom Come’s combat system. Something like that would make me so happy. I’m going to go to bed thinking about that, in the hope that it ends up part of my dreams.


i would love to see the roman setting!


Lots of potential for mods based on this game really…
As some have pointed out…it’s ideal for a Game of Thrones mod…or of course,a War of the Roses type mod,Crusades…Normal or maybe the Albigensian ones…or those of the Teutonic Knights?
Would also be nice to see mods based on the time around the Norman Conquests…or maybe the Hundred Years War…

Of course some more practical mods would be nice too…ones that expand or enhance aspects of the game …I love Fantasy games…but this game tends to lend itself more towards historical modding and would like to see that be the main direction of it…
Lots of good books out there to draw on for some inspiration…Cornwell’s Harlequin series and latterly his 1356…Maurice Druon’s series about the French Royal Family…


Hmm…the Historical or fantasy William Wallace?


Battles between the Roman’s and the Scots at Hadrian’s Wall in the 3rd Century?


Merceneries!! its should be next to impossible to obtain enough money to hire an entire Company(or couple bodyguards), but atleast possible in theory. Or join/found one, again realistic progression and diffuculty but obtainable even it takes +300 hours(real time) of work.


The film is what the developers were referring to in the Kickstarter promo. I think a module based on either would be fun. Even if most of the film Braveheart was made up it told a sweeping story and would be interesting to interact with in a mod.


I just imagine that the first mods will be something smaller like more items variety or something like this. I would also appreciate that they make a charachter creator :smiley:

A game of thrones mod would be great also, but it seems to be a lot of work because i just know one mod for m&b that achieved that and a lot of other that died after a few months.

Skyrim haf also a try on game of thrones world but it died also.
After checking I just saw it was revieved so it s still w.i.p…
But honestly i think skyrim is better for such a mod than KC:D, i thinking about the dragons for example.

Anyway here is the link to this skyrim mod for those who are interested:


Sorry for bad english, i m giving my best :smile:


I must be the only person in the universe who hasn’t seen, and has no interest in, Game of Thrones.


i’ve seen it, and it’s mildy interesting, but i have no interest in another fantasy rpg. didn’t we just come from that? why would i want to go back?

also total conversion is going to be huge work and require a team. so people asking for game of thrones, mods set hundreds of years earlier/later than the game, are going to be disappointed either by the quality of those mods, or how long they’re going to take.

imo, more realistic mod ideas:
playing from a different background-knight, lord, etc.
joan of arc-similar timeframe, relatively minimal adjustments to existing assets. all things in the game can technically be reused
hussite wars-same as above.
henry v-his campaign in france leading up to the battle of agincourt. again, similar timeframe. no big adjustments needed, so you can concentrate on story, narrative, dialog, gameplay content.

would be interesting to partake in recreations of those events and people.


Nobody is saying you have to play the mod, but some of us, despite being very excited for a realistic 15th century RPG, also love the fantasy genre and think the game mechanics would be great in such a setting.
Of course, I don’t think anyone should be trying to remake the entire continent of Westeros, but I believe that if some modders come together and create a smaller but rich world set in the ASoIaF universe, it would work extremely well. I think that most of the Game of Thrones universe has more in common with this game than Skyrim, which is why Skyrim isn’t a good title for this mod, IMO. When you look at these huge mods for games like Skyrim such as Skywind and Falskaar (New world mods, with tons of voice actors and quests), you’ll see that a mod like this could be done.


A mod with major disasters and different stuff would be awesome to see in the time. Volcanoes, meteors, cracks in the ground and so on


Post-apocalyptic in medieval times? Now that would actually be quite cool.


Chicken sled mount. Chicken followers. Chicken plucking mini game and other chicken related mods.


New lore friendly weapons


I wouldn’t like any fantasy mods for kingdomcome. I also don’t need to see any new weaopons as they will bring in enough for that timeline.

But mods in another timeline a few hundred years later like 1650-17xx could be awesome.
Other than that, mods that will push the game and engine to its limits (PC ftw), in case that it is missing in vanilla, like I posted just a few minutes ago: Large scale battles and sieges... how will they be realised?


I’d like to play Evil Dead Army of Darkness story mod!

Also crashed alien ship plus Cowboys&Aliens story mod would be awesome :wink:

//both unrealistic mods in case you haven’t noticed :wink:


I think it’s far too early to say what there should be as far as the game economy and stuff, considering we don’t know exactly what’s going to be in the finished game at this stage.

However, I’d bet on there being LoTR and GoT mods started up within a couple of months of release. Though unlike something like Skyrim, they’d need to implement any potential dragons and magic entirely from scratch.


Pirates. This game needs pirates. Yarr!


I’ve got an idea for an Army of Darkness based mod myself.
Thread is coming in a few minutes. :slight_smile: