What Mods Should There Be?


yeah, and they would be very strong since they would push (or pull) their ship on dry land to reach any village!


Yes it is the crest of my house.


Actually, you hit on something there. I would LOVE to see a mod for sailing/sea battles… like AC IV: Black Flag. Now that’s something I’d spend money on. :wink:


Well you could build them on the plains and have them sit there and look menacingly at each other.


Kingdome Come is different tho! Some games just remove the fantasy aspect to be “unique”, Warhorse has created a completely innovative combat system. It would be kind of awesome to see how this would be with magic, like Skyrim on very expensive stereoids!


But that’s the wonderful thing about modding, you can choose what you want to put in your game :smile:


I concur with the Romans. I think a Viking overhaul would be good, and could possibly link in with the sailing ideas mentioned above. Fighting in a shield wall would work really well with large battles.
Also, a rarely visited setting is South America and the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. This could produce some interesting gameplay, as well as an entirely new time and location to explore. I often thought Assassin’s Creed might work in this setting.
Mongols and early man are another two which I’ll throw out there.


Need a SPARTAN Mod for sure, bottomless pit and all.


i would love it! But there are many other interesting episodes in the roman history… Imagine you could be part in the Siege of Alesia :wink:


This is going to sound gross to most of you, but I think it would be great if there would be a waste disposal mod, As in a mod where your character simply has to pee several hours after drinking. Imagine this, it’s been several hours since your last meal, and you see a small icon appear on the screen, (just a picture of the button you need to press) you then press this key to “Hold it in” per say. Then half an hour later the icon appears again, you click it, it goes away. And then 15 minutes later it returns and you have to press it again. The time between clicks will then be cut in half every time, so that it reaches a point where the icon is appearing faster than you can click it. This is to simulate how it feels when you really have to pee, it grabs your attention, and if you don’t give it any mind then, well, you piss your pants. So if you fail to click it then your character will go right then and there. This should then greatly affect your relationships with the people your with so they find you disgusting, and for obvious reasons you then have to go clean your pants. Otherwise if you’re careful about it you can be discrete and press a button to just pee behind a tree…


I don’t want to, but I love this!!

I actually lol’d. :smiley:


I haven’t seen any of the mod discussions so far with this idea but what about an African mod? One quick example I thought of would be the player takes the role of Shaka Zulu and the goal is to go around Africa and unite the neighboring tribes under your rule. You can unite them through peaceful means, warfare, or possibly through religious means by presenting yourself as some kind of prophet/godlike leader.

Pillaging villages and taking control of strategic points like sources of water or mines would be an interesting take and the large open fields would make for fun large-scale battles. The main draw for this type of mod is, as far as I know, there hasn’t ever been a big African-themed RPG.


Wait there needs to be a Mod about the movie Dragonheart. The last dragon, you can hunt him and fight him, and befriend him in a stale mate when you are stuck in his mouth. Like the movie.


As long as you get to whip that one throwing weapon that you see on that Deadliest Warrior show.


Skyrim, thank you so much for being a thing.


If they end up having a modding nexus page for it, I could definitely see this this turning into what the Skyrim modding community turned into. As for mods that I’d like; Game of Thrones. Nuff said.


I would really like to see ships, and naval warfare.

The republic of Venice and their conflicts with the ottomans could be an awesome setting for that. You could even retell Shakespeare’s play Othello

Looking at scandinavia, Denmark had just invaded Sweden, and a setting leading up to the Stockholm bloodbath in 1520 could be awesome.


I looked into making an alternative travelling system in Skyrim. Instead of fast-travel, the character would just start walking there by road. That way you would still get the random encounters and the cool scenerey. The point is I tried to do it with a cinematic camera, that would jump from point to point following the player from different angles. Kind of like replays of racing games. And scripting the camera dynamically proved to be a problem I just couldn’t solve. I’d like to give it a go with this game.


Oh, grand mods like Flaskar in Skyrim. Or The Archeology Guild (The lost spires), in Oblivion.
Mods that add questlines and interesting voiced npcs. Or add new land, and villages. Maybe even new cities!

I hope this game ends up on Nexusmods.com :smile:


Flaskar? The mod that allows you to take a quick nip before battle. :blush: