What Mods Should There Be?


I don’t remember that. But Falskaar was a great DLC sized mod. with very well written story line, and interesting side quests.
Also another example of this kind of mod is Wrymstooth, also a small DLC like mod for Skyrim.
But mods like these is what I want to see in Kingdom Come! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A mod where children die if you shove a sword through their necks, talk about realism… last time I checked kids weren’t immortal. A third person mod— these for gameplay.

And as an overhaul, I’D really love to see a crusades era, 1080 to 1200.


Since the black death hit Europe in 1348-1350 and the game is set in 1403, technically this is a post apocalyptic game already! :smile: But I get what you mean.


I agree, a pirate game would be awesome. I actually made a post about being able to create multiple world spaces to support this kind of mod.


I would really want to see a medieval Japan mod. I’ve never played a sandbox game where you can be a samurai in first person. I think it would be awesome.


Well, if you have Mount&Blade: Warband, “Gekokujo” is your mod. A total conversion of the game where you can play as a Samurai in Japan, hire your army, siege castles and cities, etc… V 3.0 is coming quite soon, and there will be a lot of new things.
But crappy graphics and clunky combat xD

Indeed, and with the complexity of this game it will take a long time, but if a team want to make it, it’s quite possible. Stop being so negative, please!


I just downloaded Gekokujo on Tuesday and I love it :smile:, but under CryEngine and all the awesome option Kingdom Come brings it, this mod would be on a totally different level. Sadly I’m just a player and can’t make mods, but I hope someone will take the time.


And every time you go by, you still hear the screams. :smiley:


Can you give an estimate time of when will V 3.0 comes out for Gekokujo? I’m really interested, but i don’t want to check the taleworlds forum every day.


Maybe Warhorse should make an official mod and sell it. The mod could have horse armour.


No ETA available, but the author writes every day what his doing, and now he is testing and polishing the new content. So I assume the release will be in arround 1-4 weeks.

If you want to take a look, here the link of the official post of the mod.



I was going to try and sum up what kind of mods should there be in an articulate form that will be read by only a few people, but this picture sums it up perfectly so no need. :smile:


Because of the size of France and how many completely different locations were involved in each section of the hundred years war, you’d have to either have to smash a lot of locations into one map to have a bunch of battles (there were more sieges though) or focus on one short campaign that wouldn’t give you a whole lot of time to explore. Agincourt would be cool but other than the long siege that happens beforehand, there wouldn’t be much free time. Crecy would be similar but would end with the very long siege of Calais and could be a better option. The war in Brittany early in the hundred years war would be cool to see but it isn’t as well known as the campaigns that led to Agincourt or Crecy. The problem with campaigns is they cover so much area. I don’t particularly want a Joan of Arc mod. Too much stuff making the French look like the good guys already. :smiley:


just make it like the different regions in this game that you can travel to and forth.


My initial reaction when first hearing about Kingdom Come was that I could see a mod trying to re-make Darklands. (A 15th century mostly-sandbox game set in central europe that came out in the early 90s. It did have some fantasy elements, but they were supposed to be based on period beliefs and superstition rather than typical fantasy stuff.)


My favorite game is Mount and Blade Warband so i hopefully wanna see a mod where you can have your own castle and troops to command send out on patrols ect. Also have some diplomacy options aswell, like interact whit your neighboring nobles or farmers and increase tax or even go too war. that would be great to see a mod like this in the game :smiley:


But if there is licensing, team and the time, why not go a step further and build and release a standalone GoT or LoTR game? We are in the middle of crowd funding revolution, as Warhorse puts it. There is a nice blog from Dean Hall of DayZ who argues the same thing: total conversions are dead.


I would love to see some touhou mods(map/locations) for this game, I will most likely try do some myself :smiley:


Skyrim mod? Games of Thrones mod? What is wrong with you people?
Learn something about your history! And what would be better way than through an awesome game and mod. I would play the Hundred Years’ War mod any time over some fictional world shit.
Kingdom of the Heavens mod? Honestly? There are some much more exciting events in the past then this.
How about Constantinople in the crusading times? Hungary before its decline or the Battle of Mohács? Order of the Teutonic Knights before the Battle of Grunwald has also an awesome history. The times of Wars of the Roses is also much better, than the Kingdom of Heavens. How about something from Italy in Florence, Venice or Genoa? Or the times of trouble in Moscow? Something real about the Vikings in Gotland would be a killer.
Scandinavia in later times with Eric of Pomerania is also fantastic. What is about the Hanseatic League?

Honestly i could go on an on for weeks, writing exciting cases from the history of medieval europe and latter times. But also asia has its really awesome history, no matter if it is east, south, west or north. South, Middle and North America is really freaky. To all People:
The real world is much more awsome, than some f…g Magic, Undead and Dragons.


Real world is great and Fantasy is great. Some one put a Troll that lives under a bridge and wont let you pass unless you answer his riddles. Thank you. And throw some Monte Python Black Knight stuff in there too while your at it.