What Mods Should There Be?


A mod based on S.t.a.l.k.e.r or final fantasy crystal chronicles would also be nice to see.


Lord of the rings mods. Armour, weapons, new locations, enemies. That would rock.


Seconded, this is a sweet idea.


I think a Baltic crusade mod would be cool and it could re use a lot of content of the original. Sure I’d also love to see something set in the viking age or the 30 years war but why base it on the game at all if you have to change everything anyway. The Song of ice and fire universe (Game of Thrones) doesn’t face this problem as parts of it are basically described the same as the game period. There actually are some advantages to fantasy, there’s more room for player agency and you just have to worry about not contradicting a very limited amount of lore as oppose to the unlimited amounts of sources in real live. Also there we all have a distance to Westeros that we don’t have to real live. Fantasy mods don’t have to worry about being biased. But I don’t think the Lord of the Rings lore is very useful for creating a believable story or world even if the movies had some very cool armor.

If some people were to put in the effort of doing a historical mod/total conversion I think the rule of Přemysl Otakar II. and his conflict with the habsburgs could be fun. But it’s also not exactly the same time frame and might be way to much effort so just an other idea.

Edit: I forgot the most important, awesome and obvious mod idea, Mongol invasion!


you’re talking about a game of thrones mod using existing assets is actually rather clever. but people will absolutely hate that it doesn’t resemble the tv show…which has crappy fantasy armor, not realistic at all.


In fact, I’d really love to see a 3rd person view mod… I understand that FPV is making it more immersive - but I think 3rd person view is sometimes simply more fun. Since this is a game, I appreciate everything that makes the game more fun.


I can look past the fantasy elements in armor but it really annoys me how soldiers seem to were stark lanister or stennis ‘uniforms’ rather than having different armor pieces with the same coat of arms. Still if there was a mod set in some corner of westeros that the show has never shown I think people could be okay with not seeing all the armors from the show. But maybe I should continue in the Game of Thrones Mod Thread.


A Odin sphere mod would be cool :3


A Viking mod would be cool, either that or a mod base on A Song Of Ice And Fire


For a vikings mod I’d rather have a map some where around the Baltic sea, with vikings (it’s a profession not a people) not being exclusively Norse, than yet an other Vikings vs. Saxons setting.


I agree with @Zawisza_Czarny. I’m getting tired of fictional stories soaked in modern angles and values. I’m tired of the poetic stories aimed at stirring our thoughts. All of these fantasy worlds are inspired by the real world. Maybe we should take a look at the source material.

  • The reconquista
  • The barbary pirates
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • The Karling dynasty
  • Jeanne d’Arc
  • The Avignon popes

It seems vikings are a popular topic. As a Dane, I would like to see Scandinavia at a later date. There are some interesting conflicts between Denmark-Norway and Sweden in the union wars.


I bet the first mod that will be released will be a nude mod… like always.
I think a standalone mod about crusades would be nice. And a hundred years war related mod, and a mod that includes vikings would be awesome too. And alot of other historic events.


As awesome as a vikings mod would be I have to point out that ships would be very hard to do properly. The M&B mod Brytenwalda tried and even though they did a really impressive job naval-battles are basically unplayable ( but can be avoided).

Actually it doesn’t really matter that much where a total conversion would be set. A good story and voice acting can make any area interesting.


A first-person sheep simulator - a survival and havoc mode. Roam, evade, then invade and trash vegetable gardens and houses all over the map. Kick the shins of any village pervert who forgot about wearing tall boots.


A battle royale mod could be quite cool but multiplayer might be “needed” to make it more interesting


i would simply want a map expansion mod. with random quests. i don’t even care if the quests are generated. i just want some extended game play. and generated quests are great for that.


If it is put together well enough, you should have plenty of opportunity to be able to make “quests” for yourself, having enough fun in the environment without necessarily doing something “quest like”.

Just riding around freely or having casual shootouts with police was the best part of any GTA for me. The story line and quests were there only to make the game better. I hope that KCD environment will allow similar freedom and engaging non-quest activities.


gta didn’t have any user made quests, it’s all custom designed. kcd is far more advanced, but i suspect its quests are also generated beforehand. unless they have a content generation algorithm.


Getting up to all stars wanted level and then staying alive as long as possible was among the best “user generated quests” ever. So don’t tell me there were none :smiley:


I would like a complete overhaul that ports Morrowind into the KCD engine. Imagine Morrowind with KCD visuals and combat.