What Mods Should There Be?


I would love a remastered Morrowind. Picture that almost alien landscape with modern graphics. The music, story, and ambiance still stand up today.


i think a banditry mod would be kind of cool, your main goal would be to raid villages and rob travellers, amass a fortune, maybe even take a fort or castle for your own


The monsters wouldn’t work out well tho :confused:


here is a mod for skyrim that already does that…

now a mod that is like M&B WB where you can build your army and take castles and villages would be good @camshron

@snejdarek i was going for a generating quest giver or something. but yes im sure the freedom will be excellent!


There should be a Deliverance River Run mode: Master the white water with a paddle in an open boat while defending yourself just with a bow and arrow against the deranged tribesmen. Alternatively, you can challenge the locals to a flute-playing duel.


Too bad the Skyrim combat and optimization is garbage.


I don’t really see why they couldn’t work.


Id like a Narnia mod :smile:


Fart on command with NPC reaction :smile:


Ma’iq the Liar, he will randomly appear around sieges, villages, anywhere! and he just gives “advice” and runs off. :smiley:


basically all the ideas that were laughed off this forum will be made into a mod, either as satire, or serious effort by misguided souls


a mod of the rise of Temujin to Genghis Khan would be excellent


Yeah, this definitely should be there. And farting depending on food eaten without any player command with serious effect on character perception by the NPCs.


I want to hear jerry farting as he runs to the toilet.


Hear him farting and pooping a little. Yes, this is the best post I have ever seen on the forums.


I think a mod set in Mongol empire would be amazing, they were experts at riding horses and great at archery, imagine you could have a mod where you are Genghis khan, get to raid villages, invade, let tribes join you, own an army and run Mongolia.





Yes please an rpg set in the mongol empire would be fantastic.


I recommend not to do that when you have the runs, or the shits as they say in Samopše. The pressure may not be what it seems.


I never understood where is this king complex coming from. Wouldn’t it be more interesting being a common soldier?


Yes being a soldier would be and I was thinking that, but coming from mods, the ones that usually are dead, unfonished or always buggy then I have no hope for any good mods for this game. Basically I don’t expect anything from a mod that will give you a simple soldiers life and instead throw you into the game having a lot of power instead.(Experience with mods such as mount an blade)


The first MOD I want to see and may work on myself is a Batman mod everything needs Batman.

Then because it wouldn’t’ be gaming if we didn’t abuse ourselves with cliches I want Zombies.