What Mods Should There Be?


that’s mount and blade. that game’s core design philosophy is based on upward mobility. it’s designed around a “rise to power” game mechanic.

kcd has a much more realistic understanding of this. so any mods are going to reflect the different attitudes of the game and its community.

i think our mods are going to focus on history, accuracy, detail, historical characters, events, and narratives.


Well i think thats ultimately up to the moders themselves and what mods they want to create. It doesn’t really matter to me if i could play as Genghis khan i wouldn’t mind being a normal mongol horse archer as a part of the mongol horde. There are many settings and time periods in history that dont get enough attention in games. If the moders could take kcd realism and add to a mongol empire setting i think it could be very good.

I think its just human nature wanting to be above other people and powerful. Video games where you are a king or some high ranking commander give you a feeling of power and i think thats why those games kinds of games are so popular. I am very excited for this game though because i really cant think of any other game where you are just a one tiny piece of a giant conflict that you really dont influence that much.


A Kilt & Sporran Model, fully textured!
a combination of clothing and armor stats :blush:


A Rome mod with Marius war’s against barbarian tribes that were about to invade Rome, you could rise ranks from legionary to General.


They’ve never done a good game playing as a Roman solider. Ryse was trash so that doesn’t count.


I was thinking of making a full kit for my clan; Shield with Clan coat of arms, Kilt, tartan, and sporran.


That was the best decision! :wink:


Yeah man for sure. Haven’t seen any games that are set on this Era of History. Genghis changed many things in history due to his exploits.


That’s why I got this :smile:


Anyone played Namalsk mod for Arma 2? I would like to have it here as well! Some post-apocalyptic world would be definitely interesting :smiley:

Generally, I’m not interested in warfare mods, and I’d rather appreciate some building, exploration or medieval life mods. Just to mention a few:
a) Mods from Bohemian history:

  • 0 A.D. scenario regarding Boii, Raetii, Marcomanni and Roman history north of Danube;
  • Prague, 1403. As a low rank noble from elsewhere, you just came to imperial capital to start a new period in your life / seek revenge for your murdered relative / whatever…;
  • 2015 real world scenario :smiley:
    b) Mods from other interesting places during roughly the same timeframe:
  • 1492 scenario (americas / india exploration, diplomacy and settlers mod;
  • before 1453, last years and days of Constantinople (Byzantium)
    c) Other:
  • celtic Britannia (roughly Brythenwalda mod for MB);
  • Sienkiewicz’s book Krzyżacy (Crusaders)


A medieval farming mod with quests such as.

Plowshares to swords
Survive a famine
My wife is hoeing in the field
Nurture sick cow
Help my village is being burned down by looting soldiers.


Farming Simulator 1403


LOL Harvest Moon 1400 complete with milk the cow mini game. that actually would be fun.


being able to create your character appereance.
dialogs in first person, herb picking in first person


This is one that would bring the thief gameplay to a new level.


(merchants selling every item from the game)
(Longer Days and nights with real dark nights)
(You can continue the game with the miller’s daughter)
The Female Mod needs many changes and other modified gameplay features.
(A realistic historical high quality texture pack to have real colors for Food etc.)
(You can fight with every tool of peasants) :smile:
Or i will recreate my own town, as it was in medieval times.
So god thank you Warhorse that you’ve used CryEngine for KCD.
It is easy to build new landscapes with the editor.
Can’t wait to create my own virtual medieval story.
How the Rataj family came into the Prignitz. :blush:


Well, I hope this will be in the original.


30 Years War mod could be nice too, lots of Famous battles on that war.


Realistic disease mod. Every second of the game a master script will determine the chance of a contraction.
Good food? .3% chance of Dysentery.
Bad Food? 30% chance of Dysentery + 3% chance of Typhoid fever with 15% mortality.
Scratch from a rusty sword? .5% Tetanus.
That nice looking inn keeper? 10% chance of Gonorrhea which gives temporary stamina penalty and further 1% chance of infertility. :smiley:


sounds a rip off of hannibal lecter.