What Mods Should There Be?


Really? You want a Fallout 3 mod?

Hell, if that happens, might as well release it as Fallout 4. XD


Having a mod set slightly earlier, in the 12th or 13th century would be nice. Lots of possibilities with regards to crusades and the accompanying change of environment and characters it brings.


Crusades will start in 1420, so hopefully in Act 2…


I am downloading killable children as soon as it is available.


Theres probably not going to be children in the game.


Not just probably. Definitely (concerning Act 1, for other acts - anything can change, eh?)


I Would like to see some Albion Swords implemented either in the actual game or atleast as a Mod, maybe they could even have better stats then the other weapons ignore 'cause you know, Albion makes some of the best (european) swords, so the stats should be made accordingly.
Another thing which would be really amazing is Paintable armour, which is also historically accurate
(see here)


As far as I know Warhorse has a cooperation with Kovex-ars for the swords and shields included in higher pledge tiers. Compared to other blacksmiths Albion seems to be overpriced, if you are looking for a realistic medival sword.
Also a company should not be the source of historical weapons. To create an accurate weaponry of the 15th century you should rather visit a museum. Many cities in central europe have museums containing exhibitions of historic weapons from the local area.


It’s probably a 100 posts too late for this joke but: how about a mod that adds a katana with race restirction troll.


Meh. I find Albion to be the Alienware of swordsmiths; overpaying for performance you can get better elsewhere. My sword is a custom piece by Darkwood, and even guys who have Albion swords absolutely love it.

To be fair, most of Albion’s swords ARE patterned on historical examples.

Anyway, I’m not sure what all mods there SHOULD be, but I predict the first two mods WILL be:

Third Person Camera.

Playable female character for the main plot.


Followed by:

  • “put random female anime char here” playable character.
  • bouncing boobs
  • Train Thomas
  • Cabbage mod


  • children mod
  • children killing mod


Hey, now, jiggle physics is important. For immersion. Yeah, that’s it.


Do you have a comment on cold steel blades? I get some what mixed reviews of their products people say they tend to break a lot and they seem rather pricey.


Ireland man… I gotta chop some people up!


I guess, first mod will be a “Nude” Patch…
And it will be good if BBB is included! :blush: @ProkyBrambora
But maybe @TobiTobsen you can integrate a bouncing physic!? :grin:
I am very interested in whether this is also possible for the CryEngine!

Somebody knows where i can buy Vision-Engine, Vulpine
or how it was called in Lula 3D, Trinigy!?

I need this in due of my long long and again, shifted project for Lula 3D!


Either Vikings or Post-Norman Invasion Ireland.


Jan Žižka mod! I don’t know what it would add, I don’t know how it would work, I just want him!


I think we may will se him in the game. Look at the history of the map and you will see, it shares some history with Žižka. :wink:
Žižka was a vassal of Johann Sokol of Lamberka, and Lamberka becomes the lord of Skalice after king Wencelaus got free. So, there is a coincidence of Žižka and the map, I think its not an accident that the game is set in this place. The area of the game is very well choosen and a lot of things happened there during the period of the game…


If he’s in the game, I’ll explode.


Please clean up after this mess.