What Mods Should There Be?


Actually now that I really think about it. Something similar to the 1981 movie Excalibur, except with a different story. Also with workable magic. I mean “realistic magic”


Mmmmmm Gotham 1459 concept.




Cat Woman

Two Face


Mods always keep games alive, hopefully the modders will be given modding tools and full support so the modding part of this community can shine. Overhaul mods usually go like hot pies, everybody like them.


I’d like Call of Duty exosuit in-game.
Kingdom Come: Advanced Warfare…Deliverance. :smiley:


A Hunger games mod or Narnia mod would been awsome


Mostly, I have always thought of mods as smaller additions to the game, but what do I know anyway? I am about as far away from being as expert as one can get! Some smaller mods:

First and foremost, Third Person Camera mod! I will dance for days on end if that is released! /em Happy, Happy, Happy Dance!

Map mod with important points , resources, etc. listed, for those of us who would just as soon skip the whole ‘scavenger hunt’ aspect. Also a tiny mini-map that one can keep up in the top corner of the screen.

I hope to see spears/halberds/pikes in the game, but if modding is necessary to get them, so be it! It should make for some interesting fights as person with halberd or spear would have awesome range advantage, but would be in trouble if enemy gets too close. Footwork for the win!

As far as large mods go, Ireland would be awesome. If Roman mods are done, they should absolutely include the Germanic tribes (hopefully as a playable race??). Think Arminius vs. Varus, in the beautiful but terrifying Teutoberg Forest, 9 A.D.!


I might just have to take up modding for this game. I want to add a Katana which has better stats than any weapon in the game, and have it one shot knights in full plate armor.


Then I will add Kukri that will have better stats than your katana, and could be also thrown (return automatically like Xenas chakram).


but then the race is on, and someone will undoubtedly do something like this (which I totally hate by the way!):


would it be possible, to make it clear for every mod, how historical correct it is?
like, that you can choose (in the options) for every new game you start for every mod between “activate - deactivate” and you get the information, if it’s

  • historical
  • non-historical


I’m not really interested in Katanas and Kukris, but some Settlers mod from newly discovered Americas would be perfect. Unboard your galleon, discover the wilderness, deal with the natives (like in KC:D, trading would be crucial at first), find a perfect spot for a settlement, clear the terrain, place the houses, build roads, walls…

Basically something like this mixed with old good Flashpoint editor… :wink:


First we need an official Database system to collect all modifications.
Not the ugly and complicated workshop from Steam.
I don’t want to see ANY new file extensions and packaging formats


Im currently in the process of making a weapons pack. They definitely are fantasy/non historic weapons but arent completely out of the realm of reality. So maybe some of you would like it, but I don’t understand the mindset of “No one can make fantasy mods.” The beauty of it is, yes, yes we can and we will, and as a modder its your choice to download them and use them or not, but dont try and limit what content is created, as more content is always better, no matter how realistic or unrealistic it is.

Now as for mods I want to see, I only have one “specific request” and thats for all the Assassins Creed armors (Mainly Altiar and Connor) to be brought into this game. Im onboard for the Robin Hood mod, sounds awesome. LoTR, GoT, Viking, Pirate and even the hunger games (if done correctly and was more of a based off of the hunger games but was set back in the 1400s) would be amazing. Love the batman suit, would definitely want to rock that. I mainly just want more quest and land mods. It would be cool to add in more creatures out in the wild, if not included I would love to see a Hunter mod like Hunterborn for Skyrim, something where you can make a living hunting animals. I might catch some grief from you purists but maybe even add in mythical creatures from that era like Vampires, Cyclops, Giants, Unicorns, Griffins, etc. because it could still technically be lore friendly just make them very rare to come by.

Edit: I would love to see Parrying Daggers added to this game


You forget… the Ponnies! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic mod is a must-have 4 everyone and it would really improve the immersion for me. Exploring the whole Equestria with Ponyville and Canterlot! Can there be anything better than this?


There there… That had to be really heavy blow if it created such twisted thinking…
Cuman pointy coif would have saved you :wink:


I know a Warhorse Teammember who would be really happy about this one! :smiley:




One can only hope! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::eyes::ok_hand: :ok_hand: :100::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::eyes: :eyes: :ok_hand:


please, post something like that on 9gag or so :smiley: