What Mods Should There Be?


I’m about to call an Exterminatus on this thread.



btw i guess this is how first class thread-hijacking looks like :smiley:


I don’t what are you talking about, I’m just excited about my KCD: Limited LIMITED Edition. :slight_smile: (ok, no more ponnies)


There should be certainly mod that allows you to ride a pony… (or dreadnought!)


Beautiful work :slight_smile: Fluttershy is my favourite pony :heart:


Yes, please! It certainly would make the game playable/replayable for a very long time! This is exciting!


Seriously though, we need MULES. Good old stubborn Army Mules! Don’t know if they were around back then, but I would seriously have a good mule–not quite as fast as a good horse, but much stronger, so could carry more inventory without being weighed down. Give us mules! ***Edit–and they must Bray, not whinny!


Hmmm…answered my own question here:

The history of the mule (equus asinus) and modern human race go hand in hand.

Mules have been deliberately bred by humans since the Book of Genesis was first put down on parchment. The Hittites thought Mules to be more valuable than a chariot horse, and the mule was the favored mount of the Kings of Israel in biblical times. The exact origin of the first mule is unknown, but we do know that the mule was deliberately bred by man in ancient times. The breeding of a jackass (male donkey) with a female horse (mare) is the most common and oldest known manmade hybrid. A somewhat less known common hybrid, the hinny, was also bred by crossing a female donkey with a male horse (stud). The inhabitants of paphlagonia and Nicaea in what is northern Turkey today are believed to have been the first to breed mules. Mules were known in Egypt since before the time of Moses. The Greek writer and historian, Homer reported in the Iliad in 800 B.C., the arrival of mules from Henetia in Asia Minor, where breeding was a specialty. In the Old Testament, the mule replaced the donkey as the “royal beast” and was rode by King David and King Solomon at their coronations. In the new world, Christopher Columbus brought four Jack donkeys and two Jennies along with horses. The Conquistadors in Mexico used mules in their exploration of the Americas.


And after your trusty mule sends you somersaulting over “the fence,” you hear braying and look back to see:


I’m not sure about you but the first thing that comes to my mind is the beginning of the Viking invasion on the anglo Saxons
we could literally witness the making of England think about it


I think the first mods that I will be interested in will be mods than keep quests going post storyline. Barring an ending like fallout 3, we will be able to keep playing after then end of the main story but there might not be that much else to do. Even simple go here kill person mods that keep play going post story would be cool.


I’d like a mod to unscrew the pommel and end him rightly!
(Don’t care if it’s the right time period, would just like it)


I am sure somebody will do such a mod :smiley:


Well with KCD being on Cryengine I would love to see some of the graphical mods seen over on the crysis mod scene. The hyper realism mod for crysis made the game look really good and with the rolling hills and forests of Bohemia it would be amazing!

I’m a sucker for scenery.


I wonder whether “throwing the pommel” doesn’t merely relate to a mortschlag rather than fiddling about dismantling a weapon (which doesn’t even work as a concept with a riveted construction).

Using the pommel in half-swording is a known technique, is non controversially effective and takes almost no time to accomplish, while still being a ‘surprise’ option against an opponent who may be expecting blade on blade fighting.

Ending him rightly

It literally refers to unscrewing and throwing ones pommel at the enemy.

If you google End him rightly, you’ll find out all you need to know. Skallagrim does a good video on the subject on his YT channel.


Yes, there exists an illustration, thusly… but I still wonder if the text doesn’t still refer to mortschlag… just not illustrated correctly.

It wouldn’t be the last time that picture commisioner/editors don’t know wft they are doing. How many APC have been referred to as “tanks”, or used as illustrative of “tanks” in our modern media…

I don’t see how throwing a small smoothly contoured ‘rock’ at your opponent will be likely to “rightly” end an opponent (even assuming it hits), while I do see how crushing their armour &/or bones with a solidly delivered pommel strike could do so without partially or completely disarming the fighter. Further I can see how a transition from half swording with a ‘short point’ to a ‘warhammer’ with the pommel “thrown” to a much longer reach could be described using this phrase.

As HEMA is about interpretation using biomechanics and martial effectiveness to form at least part of the ‘technique’ from the somewhat sparse textual and illustrative material I don’t think that there is a reasonable explanation of how this could work as drawn. FFS they are wearing harness, and have effective weapons in their hands… and this ‘fiddling’ is supposed to accomplish something?? Don’t buy it for 1 second.


[quote=Skallagrim] This is a really strange “technique” shown in manuscript KK5013, which is part of the Gladiatoria, a German series of manuscripts from the 15th century. They deal with armored combat in a judicial duel, armed with spear, longsword, buckler and dagger.

This seems to be evidence of swords with threaded pommels as early as the late Middle Ages, and it’s also a really strange and apparently utterly impractical idea for catching your opponent off guard. I cannot imagine that anyone could possibly pull this off successfully. [/quote]


Yes. Still think the text and illustration are at cross purposes.

I reckon that a one handed mortschlag “throwing” the pommel gives you around 1m additional reach over a half sworded point, or a pommel strike with the same grip, and could easily catch an opponent by surprise.

If I can I’ll get someone to photograph the interpretation that I favour. Recall that these documents are usually illustrated ‘poems’ or terse descriptions of a technique using inconsistent or opaque language. The illustrator is not usually the same person as the swordsmaster - and indeed often the ‘reporter’ isn’t a swordsmaster either, but is merely collating documents from earlier traditions.


Yes I am very aware of all this, im not debating its validity.

I was merely referring you to where all this pommel throwing fandom came from. Since Skallagrim’s video, “end him rightly” has become a well known meme.

If you watched the video even skall questions the effectiveness of the technique.

In any case for a MOD who cares if its misinterpretation, that would be a hilarious one akin to the PEW MOD for skyrim.