What Mods Should There Be?


I hope there will be armor mods, I would love to see the Ursine armor from The Witcher in the game.

Now, I don’t know how effectieve or realisticus that chainmail/leather coat would be, but I just love the look of it.


Hello everyone,
I think this game would be a good template for a Trojan War rpg. What does everyone think?


Only 1 Mod: Total Conversion Samurai Mod *starring at my Nick" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  1. hope that the game will be good

2, hope that game will have mod-support(?) / be moddable
3. hope the game will work fine


A Samurai mod would be awesome. Especially if it was set during the Sengoku period.
Great idea.


wispers donkeys …


A mod that makes the archery aiming similar to Mount and Blade Warband.

  • Three small lines the come together as you draw the bow, then while at peak accuracy, they form a redicle in the center of your screen where the arrow WILL go.
  • As your hands shake, the lines moved farther apart. - Arrow drop should still definitely be a thing so you will still have to adjust for distance.


Gore mod

Needs more blood!


I think that there should be a high fantasy mod. It would be difficult to create, but it would be awesome to for instance have a sword in one hand, which you’re also using to block, but also shooting fireballs with the other. Now that would be awesome.


would love to see a mod that improves the shield animation… in the current beta it seems very… long and obstructive… which, ironically is what a shield is supposed to do.


I know the game doesn’t have multiplayer, and that makes perfect sense for immersion. But what if there was a way for modders to make a version of arena fights for multiplayer? You could enter into the tent and it could be like any other multiplayer game


Mod Game of Thrones


The rangers apprentice mod


Allah akbar mod would be nice


Total Conversions: LOTR, Feudal Japan, Wild West, GOT

Mods: Nude/Sex mod, magic, mod where you are the King or other high rank, 3rd person, monsters/zombies, car mod, ewoks


If not all the platforming is fixed then a mod that fixes all of that would be great. I like games that let me free roam across a jump that I probably wouldn’t make very well in real life. I feel like I should be able to cross a small stream.
Also Idk if there are but there should be some kind of player housing or land ownership. Like if the owner of the land is killed you can talk to someone about buying that land. Building the house from the ground up would be pretty cool too, like say an architect presents you with a building plan and as you get money you can pay his builders to put it together. It would be awesome if you could literally watch them slowly put it together, like make it so that the entire building process is a slow animation, and after each part is finished it maybe turns into a more physical model that you can actually move through. Nothing too fantastical but a nice little home, maybe with a barn and some stables.
Also slaves. It would be cool if you could occasionally run into peasants who you could kidnap and put at the player home, maybe as an extension to the mod. Like you could knock them out somehow and load them on your horse in the night, slipping them poison to keep them asleep and slowly making it back to your land. During the day if people see you in town with a kidnapped peasant they would pull the peasant down or attack you depending on how intimidating you looked, if too scary they could call the closest guard or just decide to refuse services and start telling you to not come around.
I also hope there are some followers. A group of companions with in depth character would be awesomeee. Maybe even commenting on the surroundings or the weather or what you are wearing or on their own personal needs like if they are hungry or if their armor or weapons are damaged or if they want more or less pay or need more arrows.
I’m going to stop there lmao
Oh wait also horse mounted combat and jousting.
annnnddd better death animations. I don’t doubt they will put more into that but right now they seem extremely stiff, even once they have fallen over. I think they should have a moment of “oh shit” and fall a little bit, but when they hit the ground dead it should be more loose physics. Even like when a person gets hit with an arrow while running, maybe make them tumble or trip up and roll a time or two and grab at the pain for a second before just limping up. Or another like they get hit in the chest and stumble back or to the side, then just fall over if its a death blow like in a sneak attack. Basically deaths just need to be more exaggerated than boring. It would also be sweet if they went to the ground you could kick them on their back and end them by stabbing your sword through them or shooting them with an arrow.


ewoks in the woods lmao


A Star Wars mod for this would make it amazing, it would take a lot of work but if something like the Star Wars Conquest mod from Mount and Blade: Warband was created this would probably be one of my favourite games of all time


KC:D seems to not over do anything. So, the mod I’d like is a mod that would, in extremely rare cases, have the ghost of a person you killed haunting the area he or she died in, but only at night. Being in its presence harms you and only you, slightly, as long as you’re there. Appropriately creepy visuals and audio are necessary. You cannot fight it and win.

The haunting can be ceased by various acts of various difficulty. A bandit’s ghost might be satisfied if you found his corpse, be it bones or a body, and burying it. Somebody you murdered in cold blood might need to be exorcised by a clergy member. That clergy member will want something from you in return such as certain holy objects before the exorcism before it is performed, and afterwards you must do a service for the church or your reputation plummets. Perhaps your food also tends to go rotten a little quicker if you do not perform the service, a little joke from God until you perform the service.


1.My Little pony mod