What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Uninstalled that one with 1h50min played after hearing ‘Are you really 13? You sound more like 9’ for the 2nd time. Died just once from falling from 2m high rock. Not for me, definitely.


Its a fun game you just have to find the right server.

The one I play on is mostly casuals and stoners so its a friendly community. We also don’t care about people’s age.


Unless their name is Sirwarriant. :wink:


Been doing a multiplayer campaign in Shogun 2 with a friend, it’s too bad that it’s limited to two players.


Nah your just lil biatch that won’t realize Legacy is DEAD.


Really good game, you guys should check it out.


I have been playing Foxhole over the weekend. Community is cool and the gameplay looks promising, though it still has lot to perfection.

Main problem of the game is that it requires incredible amount of teamplay, which is kinda hard if half your team is korean… and so we had double numbers of our enemy and we could not take the friggin bridge!


besides giga download…
designing the sketch for my real life wall picture of rataje nad sázavou city map
and due to not existing images of this map… here in the official forum!
Here a picture of my template for sketch…

(src: pcgames 261 - 05/14 with an iPhone 4)


Doing another play through of LA Noire, despite it being the epitome of a shit console port it’s probably one of my favorite games.


I still go back and replay some of my old favorites again and again:

Soulbringer–One of the creepiest atmospheres ever–you can cut the gloom and doom feeling with a knife.

Lords of the Realm II–My first ever computer game.

Lords of Magic–Something of a fantasy version of LoR II.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura–One of my favorites–the mix of magic and technology was intriguing.

Medieval: Total War–Battles are meh, but strategy is fun.

Still playing EverQuest II and The Secret World MMOs, and still pop in to the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes emu project from time to time to help my Vanguard withdrawal after playing hardcore for 7 years and then having the game closed.


Deus Ex - Mankind Divided has been very enjoyable


The 1212 mod?


far cry primal
total war
Assassin’s Creed 4 black flag


Of Kings and Men. The Epic is delayed, though…


I have bought Crusader Kings 2 on saturday (it was in sale with all the DLCs) and so far I have watched 4 hours of tutorials without playing a single minute.
And I still dont know what the hell is going on in there :smiley:


congratulations, you’ve just lost whole your life!
srsly, when you will start understanding that, you realize you are nolifer. And you won’t care, because your mother just tried to assasinate you because you killed your brother, seduced his wife and made new heir with her (she was byzantian princess). Not even mentioning banished kin amassing huge army to throw you down from the throne.
This game is amazing, 15 out of 10*


CK2 is definitely overrated, yet I have around 3000 hours in it in total, so it’s probably not bad game either. I just miss many things from vanilla and largely dislike late paradoxian strategy of overpriced dlcs.

Definitely try playing as prominent zoroastrian (karen, bavandid), you can marry your sister or even daughter and have children with them both :slight_smile:


I just spent the last few weeks playing Gloria Victis. It’s everything KCD isn’t. The reverse is true also. It’s a multiplayer persistent world PvP game with third and first person view options. Third person being far more preferable. Low fantasy medieval, skeletons, giants etc. No magic. No story. Very limited PvE content, but the main focus is the PvP and overly elaborate crafting system.

I was having a lot of fun with it until they changed the way the stamina system works, which completely changed the combat. They didn’t allow you to reset your stats to compensate, so I stopped playing. Still, it was quite enjoyable for a while there. Very buggy, as you might expect from an alpha, but for the few weeks I played it, definitely fun.


Reporting back from Crusader Kings:

  • After 20 hours of playing I still know jack shit whats going on in there
  • My resolve still remains unchanged


Speed up time… it helps :smiley:

And spacebar is your best friend. Try not to get too bogged down in all the spam, and just focus on small things at a time.

Without the money cheat at least, you’re in for a very long game where you achieve almost nothing :smile: