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what does spacebar do?

I played three times a bohemian duke and i was always able to become King of Bohemia, but after that i have no idea what to do. And also my predecessors were idiots and always started some stupid war or joined a faction that was destined to lose.

Though important note is that legitimizing your bastard and making him king is not the best idea! Especially when the bastard has 0 intrigue!


Do you know this side?


Hit spacebar is for pause the game.

You could try to become a emperor and enlarge your dominion. In general you need 3 kingdom titels for becoming a emperor.
If you are lucky you can get titles by marrige or you have to conquer.


oh i see, I am stopping the game quite often.

thats where I have problems. All around me are much stronger lands or with strong friends. And when I am playing a bastard and no one likes me (except my good friend Premysl, my uncle) its hard to do anything :smiley:


Be more patient. It’s not a game for only one in game generation. Create strong alliances and wait until your neighbours are weak. Watch out if they have non or weak allianes and/or have to fight multiple wars. Thats the time to conquer and be aware that the bites you take are chewable.


I still have a problem with figuring out how war actually works.

If I declare a war over one countie which belongs to bigger kingdom, doesnt it mean that i am not fighting against only one countie but againts the whole kingdom?


Sure that how the feudal system works. The lower lord promise his lord to support him in wartimes if requested and the greater lord promise to protect the lower lord.
So if you attack as king of Bohemia the barony of Passau who belongs to the dutchy of Bavaria and the duchy of Bavaria belongs to the HRE, than you are at war with the HRE.
If the baron of Passau has formed a alliance with the kingdom of Hungary by marrige, he can also request the kingdom of Hungary for aid.


so how exactly can I take just few territories from HRE? is it even possible?


It’s not easy but doable.

If you have a strong ruler and the HRE has not, you have no internal troubles. If you have created strong alliances and your allies have weaker connectons to the HRE than to your dominion, so your allies will help you at request if themselves have no big problems at the moment. If the HRE has multiple wars to fight at once you can counquer some territory.

Counquer the territory you demand (war reason / Casus Belli) and the main provinces of the ruler of the HRE and beat the armys of the HRE with the aid of your allies.


“doable” sure
thats sounds like a quest that can go wrong in many ways, and even something that a man starts and his grandchild finishes.


i can see what you posted there and it’s not true! like that song “undewear” from Royal republic…

@ProkyBrambora I dont know where you started, but dont mess with HRE when its already existing in your game. It’s better to chew smaller kingdoms at east at first, only then to start chew away from HRE. HRE is not OP anymore, but you have to be skilled to know ways how to get on their lvl (money=>mercs, allies, holy warriors, vassal holy warriors etc…, like that i usually fight against 2-3 times bigger opponent)
!!! make byzantium your ally!!! if they will allow
dont know what is your religion, but if you are slavic, be sure you are head of religion (you will get some help and you can hire holy warriors for free)
dont mess with HRE :smiley:
if you are catholic and messing with HRE, be sure you have allies and mercs. For mercs, you need enough money.

if you start from oldest date, prevent creating HRE. I did it, and right now I have Bohemian Empire from Balt to Croatia, from Meissen to HellKnowsWhere. Franks should bother me much more, but it’s some time to get back to CKII…

Incredible, better to pay attention to your politics


I always create a new family with a small county, and then I try to spread my family as much as I can. This can be very difficult. In some situations if someone dies, there are huge chances that somebody will gain too much power and of course there is always trouble in a mighty family.
@Proky, you can also try to attack parts of the HRE if they are in an internal war. Try to gain some land from the rebels, but make sure to finish it before their war ends.


Personally, I never had problem with huge families*… as the saying goes, the Lion should have only one child. Problem is, when the child is either daughter or dies prematurely (or your wife doesn’t like/want children at all) :slight_smile: This seem to be a huge problem with that new DLC… used to be much better when your only relative died in battle than from measles, consumption or slow fever :confused:

*Only once, playing for house Gwerthrynion (in a loose continuation of the Arthurian legend), I once got an uncle with seduction focus and about 30 of his either legitimate or illegitimate children… who then intermarried to other branches, creating real mess in inheritance. True romano-british comeback!


Or you can do ot as sneaky basterd :wink: once i sweared fealty, and after some rectal alpinistic situations became chouncellor and then emperor, when the old died thx to voters…
As I was strong and rich enough before joining HRE and thx to politics, I was strong enough to handle all my vassals.
It happened in times when HRE was biggest OP so I simply started from beginning as little count.

For me, this game biggest charm is the way how to get to the top + roleplaying element. Same as in X series. Love such games.


Life is strange.
(now second run) :slight_smile:


Children of a Dead Earth. Orbital mechanics and plausible ‘near future’ tech space simulator with guns and missiles.

Battles won and lost on intercept geometries and weapon range advantage windows (minimising his, maximising your own). Detailed module and ship design with ‘real’ material and functional properties underlying the mechanics.

Some missions involve careful management of delta-v and time - others the balance of combat forces.


Ive been playing some random games such as Starbound, Terraria, The Forest, and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture!! Love the soundtrack for the Rapture, its absolutely incredible!!!


Def Jam Fight for NY and learning Blender. :slight_smile:


pokemon go is not hot game. However, i still play it. Clash of clan -fan


Right now I like to play Combat Mission: battle for Normandy.


Playing Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne.